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Kali Audio Lp-6 | 80w 2-way Powered Studio Monitor

KALI Audio je bil ustanovljen leta 2018 s strani talentiranih profesionalcev, entuziastov in vizionarjev v avdio industriji (velik del JBL avdio inženirjev). Vsi njihovi produkti so projektirani v Kaliforniji (ZDA) z namenom in rezultatom, da se uporabnikom njihovih monitorjev nudi najboljša avdio izkušnja, kar jo lahko ponudijo. Njihove monitorje...

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Blagovna znamka: Native Instruments

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 | Complete 2-deck Usb Dj Control Surface, Audio Interface, And Software System For Mac

Odličen 2-kanalni DJ kontroler Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 z integrirano USB zvočno platformo (24-bit/48-kHz). Tretja generacija Native Instrumenst DJ kontrolerjev v novi verziji prinaša večji (14 cm) jog wheel kontroli za boljši in lažji nadzor ter dva načina kontrolnega delovanja (Jog Mode in Beatgrid Mode), RGB obarvane pad-e za boljši...

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Kv2 Audio Vhd 2000 | System Control And Amplification For Vhd 2.0

KV2 Audio
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VHD Series

The VHD High Performance Touring and Installation system from KV2 Audio has been designed to revolutionize the concert sound market by offering unparalleled quality, power, and coverage with huge cost savings in terms of size, weight, transportation, storage, and set up time.

Challenging the popular trend of line array technology, VHD builds on the KV2 Audio philosophy of point source theory, offering drastically reduced distortion levels and a hugely increased dynamic range that takes us to a new level of sound reproduction previously unheard in large-scale audio systems. VHD reduces the amount of elements needed to cover a particular area for large-scale sound reinforcement, thus removing the interference problems created by multiple sources in modern line array systems. Time alignment and phase correction is done via KV2’s new 20MHz digital delay line. Boasting the highest sampling rate of any digital speaker processor available, KV2’s on board hybrid signal processing uses the best in analog and digital technology to provide incredible definition and resolution with true dynamic range.

At KV2 we define true dynamic range by the systems ability to produce the low level signals associated with the ambience and timbre of the sound as well as the main higher level signals. The end result is clearer more dynamic sound that will travel considerably further providing high quality audio that is far less effected by air disturbances through crowds, heat and wind.

The VHD1.0 and VHD2.0 Mid High cabinets, driven by a VHD2000 amplifier are at the heart of this solution forming the core of our VHD system. Reinforcing this are the VHD2.16, VHD4.18, VHD1.21 and VHD2.21, four very different active driven subwoofer systems powered by the VHD3200 amplifier. All speakers (except the VHD2.21) are based on identical footprints for easy stacking and proprietary flying system provides quick and easy rigging of VHD for suspended use.

The VHD2.21 Double 21 inch subwoofer has been designed in response to the call for a high output, ultra low frequency subwoofer solution. It is voiced for both live music but also excels in the field of club and dance music. In this situation it works very effectively, operating down to 25Hz, alongside other VHD products, the smaller ES range, or as an incredible stand-alone subwoofer that can complement any other manufacturers systems.

The VHD system represents KV2’s embodiment of the very best available technology in both the analog and digital worlds. Through industry leading engineering, we have managed to optimise the amplifier and speaker relationship to achieve outstanding output with relatively few components. The result is something special, something not just different, but better. VHD will change your thinking towards current large format system trends.

VHD - Very High Definition audio, the pinnacle of KV2 Audio technology.

VHD2000 - System Control and Amplification

The VHD2000 is the control and amplification unit for the VHD2.0. It is a three-way, rack-mounted unit containing high frequency, mid frequency and mid-bass amplifiers. It also houses all processing and control electronics for the subwoofer system. Our own hybrid signal processing utilises the very best technology available from both the analogue and digital worlds, to offer complete audio system control, equalisation, overdrive protection, thermal protection and user adjustable set up parameters. Time alignment and phase correction is done via KV2’s new 20MHz digital delay line, boasting the highest sampling rate of any digital speaker processor available. Once the set-up process is completed, the VHD2000 manages all system functions and assures optimal performance.


  • Three way modular, 2900W Control and Amplification System for use specifically with VHD series modules
  • High Frequency, 300W, Class AB, push-pull low intermodulation amplifier with transformer balanced outputs
  • Mid Frequency, 1000W, high efficiency, wide power bandwidth amplifier
  • Mid Bass, 1600W, high efficiency, current enhancing switching amplifier
  • Setup provides two channel selection and control of different VHD subwoofer combinations, or full range mode, with level control +/- 6dB and two rear mounted line level subwoofer outputs to feed a VHD 3200 subwoofer amplifier
  • Complete, on board speaker management system including equalization, time alignment, crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection, system set-up and output level controls
  • Newly developed PDM 20MHz sampling, digital delay alignment system setting new standards for audio performance and dramatically increasing phase response precision and definition
  • AC soft start circuitry with ON/OFF AC breaker switch provides thorough power protection
  • Comprehensive front-to-back cooling system features chassis sealed pcb’s for improved reliability
  • Two per side switch engages a specific set of filters and operating parameters for larger scale events when using an extra VHD2000 and VHD2.0 per side
  • Individual signal inserts for Mid/High, Subwoofer A, and Subwoofer B providing flexibility for insertion of signal processing or feeding from auxiliary sources as required
  • Front panel Input Impedance selector provides selection of optimal input impedance when used with a KV2 Audio LD4 Line Driver


Specifically designed as the amplification and control elements for the VHD loudspeaker systems in a full rack mount module

  • Portable PA
  • Fixed installations

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Kv2 Audio Vhd 2000 | System Control And Amplification For Vhd 2.0

Kv2 Audio Vhd 2000 | System Control And Amplification For Vhd 2.0

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