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Kali Audio Lp-6 | 80w 2-way Powered Studio Monitor

KALI Audio je bil ustanovljen leta 2018 s strani talentiranih profesionalcev, entuziastov in vizionarjev v avdio industriji (velik del JBL avdio inženirjev). Vsi njihovi produkti so projektirani v Kaliforniji (ZDA) z namenom in rezultatom, da se uporabnikom njihovih monitorjev nudi najboljša avdio izkušnja, kar jo lahko ponudijo. Njihove monitorje...

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Blagovna znamka: Native Instruments

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 | Complete 2-deck Usb Dj Control Surface, Audio Interface, And Software System For Mac

Odličen 2-kanalni DJ kontroler Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 z integrirano USB zvočno platformo (24-bit/48-kHz). Tretja generacija Native Instrumenst DJ kontrolerjev v novi verziji prinaša večji (14 cm) jog wheel kontroli za boljši in lažji nadzor ter dva načina kontrolnega delovanja (Jog Mode in Beatgrid Mode), RGB obarvane pad-e za boljši...

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Nord Wave 2 | Wavetable And Fm Synthesizer
  • Nord Wave 2 | Wavetable And Fm Synthesizer

Nord Wave 2 | Wavetable And Fm Synthesizer

61-key VA/Sample/FM/Wavetable Performance Synthesizer with Aftertouch, 48-voice Polyphony, 4 Parts, 5 Filter Types, LFO, and FX Section
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Spletna stran proizvajalca CLAVIA

The Nord Wave 2 is a powerful 4-part performance synth that integrates virtual analog, samples, FM (Frequency Modulation), and wavetable synthesis with a fast, layer-focused interface. Featuring 61 smooth-playing keys with aftertouch, robust 48-voice polyphony; intuitive performance features; and the immediacy of hands-on controls; the Nord Wave 2 delivers a dazzling universe of amazing sonic opportunity with advanced real-time tweaking and layering. If you’re a serious synthesist, you owe it to yourself to give the Nord Wave 2 a serious audition.

A universe of sonic opportunity

Essentially four independent synthesizers in one sleek, eminently gigable 20-pound chassis, the Nord Wave 2 offers a wealth of possibilities for layering both classic waveforms and samples. Dedicated OLED displays for Program and Oscillator sections provide a clear overview when shaping your sounds. The Wave 2’s broad range of performance features and instantly tweakable hands-on FX makes the Wave 2 Nord’s most versatile performance synthesizer to date.

Layer up

The Wave 2’s Program Layer section is equipped with faders for easy control over the volume of all four layers at once. The Layer section also provides handy controls for quick layer focus, pan, solo, and multi-editing. A new Group feature allows you to group two, three, or four layers and process them through the same Filter, Envelope, Arpeggiator, LFO and Effect settings — ideal for building complex multi-layered patches that can be edited as a single sound. Alternatively, three split points provide up to four zones with optional crossfades.

The Oscillator section

Each of the Wave 2’s four layers features an Oscillator section with four modes: Analog, Wavetable, FM, and Samples — and is easily browsed with Nord’s speedy direct category mode. The Oscillator Control features additional control over shape, sync, and detune. The Oscillator section also includes a powerful multi-oscillator Unison effect with massive Superwaves that simultaneously generate hundreds of waveforms for monstrously fat and richly complex sounds.

Oscillator categories

The Wave 2’s four Oscillator categories are Virtual Analog, Samples, Wavetable, and FM. The Virtual Analog category includes an extensive range of waveforms from classic analog to extended, harmonically rich variations. The Samples category gives you a wide selection of high-quality samples from Nord Sample Library 3.0, including Strings, Brass, Guitars, Choirs, and Chromatic Percussion, as well as the exclusively licensed sounds of the iconic Mellotron and Chamberlin. All sounds are easily replaceable via the Nord Sound Manager. The Wavetable category includes a large number of advanced wavetables that cover a wide range of tonal characteristics. Lastly, the FM category offers 2-, 3-, and 4-operator configurations with harmonic and inharmonic variations. Together, the Wave 2’s four sound engines comprise a virtual history of synthesis. And from the perspective of serious synthesists, the ability to freely layer then is nothing short of mind-blowing!

Filters, Amp, and LFO

The Filter section has six Filter types on tap, including a gorgeous emulation of the legendary “Mini” transistor ladder filter. The Filter section is equipped with a full ADSR envelope. The Wave 2 is equipped with a dedicated LFO offering a choice of waveforms for each layer, Vibrato, and AD/AR Modulation Envelope with velocity setting and Invert mode. The LFO offers several morphable parameters, with the rate being syncable to the Master Clock. The Amp section is stocked with a full ADSR envelope including a beefy new Transient Attack mode for adding powerful punch to your patches.

Morphing and Impulse Morph

The Wave 2 features an extensive range of morphable parameters including LFO Amount, Oscillator Control, Filter, and Effects that can be controlled from four different sources: Velocity, Aftertouch, Wheel, and Control Pedal. All morph sources can be quickly assigned to control multiple parameters simultaneously, while the powerful Impulse Morph feature lets you change any parameter of your sound instantly.

Advanced polyphonic Arpeggiator and Gate

The Nord Wave 2 is a rhythmic powerhouse, fortified with both a classic arpeggiator and a Polyphonic mode with directly editable patterns that will re-trigger all held keys — either straight or patterned — and featuring different inversions for exciting new harmonic variations. The Wave 2’s new Gate mode chops your sound up in a rhythmic pattern with adjustable depth. The Pattern mode contains a wide selection of Rhythmic Patterns and facilitates easy editing for creating your own custom patterns.

Masterful Effects section

The Wave 2 features a separate Effect section for each layer, providing instantly tweakable, studio-grade stereo effects that include Tremolo, Pan, Ring Modulator, Chorus, Ensemble, and Vibe as well as EQ with Drive control. All effects can be controlled via the Control Pedal (or other Morph sources) and can also be synchronized to the Master Clock for rhythmic effects. There’s also an advanced stereo Delay effect with Ping Pong mode, Analog Mode, and Tap Tempo; and Feedback options for adding Ensemble, Chorus, and Vibe; as well as HP/LP and BP filters in the Feedback loop. Lastly, the Wave 2’s FX engine features separate per-layer Reverb sections, each with five different Reverb categories (Booth, Room, Stage, Hall, and the absolutely huge Cathedral), Bright and Dark modes, and a new Chorale effect for lush modulation.

Create your own samples with Nord Sample Editor

Adding your own custom sample instruments to your Wave 2 is quick and easy thanks to the new streamlined Nord Sample Editor 3 for Mac and Windows, which lets you map, and loop samples, and transfer them to your Nord Wave 2 faster than ever. With awesome sonic capabilities and intuitive real-time, hands-on controls (including aftertouch), packed into a sleek, roadworthy 20-pound chassis, the Nord Wave 2 deserves your serious consideration if you’re in the market for a world-class performance synth.


  • 61-note keybed with aftertouch
  • 48-voice Polyphony
  • 4 independent synthesizers in 1
  • Oscillator section with four modes: Analog, Wavetable, FM, and Samples
  • Filter section with six Filter types
  • dedicated LFO offering a choice of waveforms for each layer
  • Morphing and Impulse Morph modes
  • Advanced polyphonic Arpeggiator and Gate
  • Onboard stereo Effects section
  • Create your own samples with Nord Sample Editor
  • Quality crafted by Nord in Sweden

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Nord Wave 2 | Wavetable And Fm Synthesizer

Nord Wave 2 | Wavetable And Fm Synthesizer

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