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Kali Audio Lp-6 | 80w 2-way Powered Studio Monitor

KALI Audio je bil ustanovljen leta 2018 s strani talentiranih profesionalcev, entuziastov in vizionarjev v avdio industriji (velik del JBL avdio inženirjev). Vsi njihovi produkti so projektirani v Kaliforniji (ZDA) z namenom in rezultatom, da se uporabnikom njihovih monitorjev nudi najboljša avdio izkušnja, kar jo lahko ponudijo. Njihove monitorje...

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 | Complete 2-deck Usb Dj Control Surface, Audio Interface, And Software System For Mac

Odličen 2-kanalni DJ kontroler Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 z integrirano USB zvočno platformo (24-bit/48-kHz). Tretja generacija Native Instrumenst DJ kontrolerjev v novi verziji prinaša večji (14 cm) jog wheel kontroli za boljši in lažji nadzor ter dva načina kontrolnega delovanja (Jog Mode in Beatgrid Mode), RGB obarvane pad-e za boljši...

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Blagovna znamka: Native Instruments

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2 | 2-channel Usb Audio Interface With Di And Bundled Software

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 in 2, odlični USB zvočni platformi, enostavni za uporabo ter z vrhunsko avdio reprodukcijo 192 kHz/24 bit in vso programsko opremo s katero boste lahko nemudoma spravili vaše glasbene ideje v realnost. Izbirate lahko med dvema modeloma glede na vaše potrebe, oba modela imata isti zvok, isto programsko opremo vendar...

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Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer
  • Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer
  • Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer
  • Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer
  • Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer
  • Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer

Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer

Dual 48-Channel Digital Personal Mixer with 12 Stereo Groups, Stereo Ambiance Microphone, and SD Recording Capability
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Spletna stran proizvajalca MIDAS

Every gigging musician has had this experience: you’re already into your set, but you can barely hear yourself. You try to communicate to the front of house engineer with some sophisticated hand signals, but he’s not picking up what you’re putting down. So, you shout, “Hey, can I get a little more of me in the mix?” We know nothing breaks the flow of a performance faster. But now, with the Midas DP48, you’ll never have to go through that again.

A 48-channel mixer with 12-stereo groups and a clean, easy-to-use interface, the DP48 has everything you need to take total control over your personal monitor mix. Hook it up to a stage wedge or feed your in-ear monitors. And if you’re using IEMs, you can dial in a touch of ambiance with the DP48’s built-in microphone, so you don’t feel separate from the audience and the other performers. Using a Cat 5e cable, the DP48 easily connects to any AES50-equipped digital console and can be remotely powered over the ethernet cable or with a separate power supply.

Access a Host of Features with an Intuitive Interface

Navigating feature-packed personal monitor mixers can be challenging, especially in the middle of a rocking set. But with its intuitive interface and high-contrast TFT display screen, operating the DP48 is a breeze! Twelve stereo groups make balancing mixes fast and easy, and a full complement of adjustable parameters — including a 3-band EQ, compression, and studio-quality reverb on every channel — gives you ample control over what you hear in the monitors. Also, as a dual mixer, you can dial up and manage an entirely separate mix on the same unit, which is perfect for background singers, horn sections, and other members of the band that stand close together on stage. And you can put all of this within arm’s reach by attaching the DP48 on your mic stand with Midas’s optional mounting bracket.

AES50 Compatible for Connectivity, Power, and Much More

Designed for compatibility, the DP48 can connect with any 44.1/48kHz AES50-equipped devices over Cat 5e, including Midas and Behringer digital consoles and I/O boxes. The AES50 connection also remotely powers the units via Power over Ethernet or separate DC power supply that also allows for daisy-chaining. Additionally, with AES50, individual monitor mixes can be delivered back to the console or monitor hub for distribution through an IEM system. Finally, keep your mixes organized by transmitting channel color and labeling between the DP48 and a console through the same AES50 pathway.


  • 48-channel dual personal monitor mixer with 12-stereo groups
  • Dual mix function for running two independent mixes from a single unit
  • Intuitive interface and high-contrast TFT display screen for easy navigation
  • Onboard signal processing, including EQ, compression, and studio-quality reverb
  • Inject room ambiance into your IEM mix with the DP48’s built-in stereo microphone
  • Connect with any AES50-equipped digital console, monitor hub, or I/O box via Cat 5e cable
  • Remote power over ethernet or with a separate DC power supply
  • Powerful headphone output for reliable stage monitoring in loud environments
  • Integrated SD recorder for capturing rehearsals and performances
  • Match console and monitor mixer track labels and color automatically over AES50
  • Attach to a microphone stand for easy access with Midas DP48MB mounting bracket (optional)

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Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer

Midas Dp 48 | Dual 48-channel Digital Personal Mixer

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