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Kali Audio Lp-6 | 80w 2-way Powered Studio Monitor

KALI Audio je bil ustanovljen leta 2018 s strani talentiranih profesionalcev, entuziastov in vizionarjev v avdio industriji (velik del JBL avdio inženirjev). Vsi njihovi produkti so projektirani v Kaliforniji (ZDA) z namenom in rezultatom, da se uporabnikom njihovih monitorjev nudi najboljša avdio izkušnja, kar jo lahko ponudijo. Njihove monitorje...

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Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano

Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano

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The Kawai CN29 is the perfect instrument for beginner pianists who demand something better than an entry-level model. Without too many technical features to distract the player from pure piano playing, the CN29 offers an authentic key touch and high-quality Kawai Grand Piano sound.

Convincing Piano Touch
One of the most important features when buying a new piano is the 'feel' of the keyboard. The CN29 features the Kawai Responsive Hammer Action 3 keyboard which is a graded hammer action keybed (lighter in the upper registers and heavier in the lower octaves - just like a traditional acoustic grand piano).

The white key surfaces of the CN29's keyboard are also textured to feel like a traditional piano. The simulated let-off mechanism adds to the authenticity and counterweights ensure the upward return of each key is fast enough for the most demanding musical passages.

Kawai Grand Piano Sound & Powerful Speaker System
Kawai has over 90 years experience in building some of the finest acoustic pianos in the World and the CN29 delivers the authentic sound of their Concert Grand Piano. Each note has been meticulously recorded in fine detail and is reproduced through the built-in 40w stereo speaker system. When compared with lower range instruments, it is easy to hear the difference when you spend a little more on a high-quality instrument such as the CN29.

See & Play The Kawai CN29 in our Piano Shops
We stock the CN29 in our piano shops, where you can try it for yourself, or compare with equivalently priced models from other manufacturers such as Yamaha, Roland or Casio. Our stores are located in Reigate (Surrey) and Eastbourne (East Sussex). Both locations have plenty of on-site parking and our friendly & knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer advice and can even play the pianos to you if you need them to!

A Choice Of Instrument Sounds
The CN29 offers a good choice of instrument sounds including numerous acoustic pianos, as well as e.pianos, harpsichord, vibes, organs, strings, synthesizer sounds and more! It is possible to layer two voices together in combination (dual voice mode) to create popular textures such as piano/strings.

Record your Performance!
Sometimes it's useful to record your performance - whether to aid learning a difficult passage, or just for fun. The CN29 features an onboard recording feature which allows you to record up to three songs and has a memory capacity of 10,000 notes. The recorder also allows you to "playalong" with your recording - so you could even play a piano duet with yourself!

Three Pedals
A traditional grand piano has three pedals, and the CN29 is equipped with the same - Sustain (right), Soft (left) and Sostenuto (middle). The sustain pedal offers half-pedaling which means the sustain length is altered in relation to how far down the pedal is pressed.

Reverb Effect
There are six different types of reverb effect on offer in the CN29. Each of these provides the ambience effect of different room environments such as Hall, Church, Stage etc. These effects really sound superb - especially when practicing using headphones.

Bluetooth MIDI
The Kawai CN29 allows wireless MIDI connection to bluetooth enabled devices such as Laptops (Apple & PC), tablet computers and mobile phones. This means the piano can communicate with popular apps and software without the need for a USB cable. There is no bluetooth audio capability on the CN29.

Kawai CN29 Colour Options
The CN29 is available in three different colour finishes:

  • Black
  • White
  • Rosewood

Kawai CN29 Dimensions & Weight
The Kawai CN29 measures 136cm (length) x 41cm (depth) x 86cm (height).

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Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano

Kawai Cn-29 B Black | Digital Piano

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