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Kali Audio Lp-6 | 80w 2-way Powered Studio Monitor

KALI Audio je bil ustanovljen leta 2018 s strani talentiranih profesionalcev, entuziastov in vizionarjev v avdio industriji (velik del JBL avdio inženirjev). Vsi njihovi produkti so projektirani v Kaliforniji (ZDA) z namenom in rezultatom, da se uporabnikom njihovih monitorjev nudi najboljša avdio izkušnja, kar jo lahko ponudijo. Njihove monitorje...

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Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Modal Electronics
37-key Synthesizer, with 8-voice Polyphony, up to 8 Oscillators per Voice, 4-mode/4-pole Ladder Filter, 3 FX Engines, Step Sequencer, Arpeggiator, and MPE Mode
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Spletna stran proizvajalca MODAL ELECTRONICS

With true 8-voice polyphony, up to eight oscillators per voice, three effects engines, and advanced sequencing and arpeggiation, the Modal Electronics Cobalt8 37-key virtual analog synthesizer offers endless sound design potential. With its glorious 4-pole ladder filter and classic oscillator waveforms, you'll be able to conjure practically any iconic subtractive synth sound. And with 34 advanced algorithms, including cross modulation and wave morphing, plus 12 modulation sources and 55 modulation destinations, Cobalt8 delivers sound design capabilities far beyond what analog synths can offer. Complete with plug-in support for seamless integration with your DAW, MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) support, and a comprehensive software editor for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android, the Modal Electronics Cobalt8 is the workhorse virtual analog synthesizer you've been waiting for.

Sequences can be linked to any patch

Synthesists love built-in sequencers on synths — firing up a sequence is the best way to quickly audition your sounds in action — and we're extremely impressed with the Cobalt8's sequencing capabilities. You can sequence up to 512 notes, a polyphonic mode is available for sequencing chords, and you can record your knob movements for up to four different parameters. Best of all, you can save up to 100 of your sequences for instant recall, and you can link any of them with any patch you create. That means if you come up with an inspiring sequence, you can easily load it into any new patch you create to experiment with different sounds.

Extensive modulation and hands-on control

Equipped with 29 endless encoders and 24 buttons, as well as a 4-axis joystick and a Fatar TP/9S keybed with aftertouch, the Modal Electronics Cobalt8 synthesizer gives you plenty of opportunities to get hands on with your sounds. And you have plenty of potential to animate your sounds, with 12 modulation sources that you can assign to any of 55 modulation destinations. From bread-and-butter synth leads, plucks, and basses to evocative soundscapes and evolving arpeggiations, Cobalt8 is a versatile sound design tool.

Plug-in control and MODALapp sound editor

When you're ready to bring your sounds and sequences into your DAW, Modal Electronics' Cobalt8 offers a seamless workflow thanks to the MODALplugin (VST3/AU). Connect your Cobalt8 to your computer via USB, and the MODALplugin gives you software control over your synth. Not only will you be able to draw automation in your DAW to control synth parameters, but all of your patch settings will be saved along with your DAW session files. And speaking of patch settings, the MODALapp sound editor for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android gives you the freedom to craft sounds and organize your custom patches on your platform of choice.


  • 37-key virtual analog synthesizer with 8-voice polyphony
  • Up to 8 oscillators per voice for up to 64 simultaneous oscillators
  • Osc wave shapes range from simple saw, pulse, triangle, and sine, to 34 complex algorithms including cross modulation (PWM, Osc sync, ring mod, and more) and wave morphing
  • 4-pole resonant ladder filter with 4 switchable configurations
  • 3 dedicated envelope generators for (Amp, Filter, Mod) can be accessed individually or simultaneously
  • 3 audio-rate-capable LFOs, with 7 wave shapes and tempo sync (2 polyphonic, 1 global)
  • Real-time 512-note sequencer, with polyphonic mode and 4 recordable parameter animations
  • Programmable 32-step arpeggiator with rest function (rest up to 2048 steps)
  • 3 independent stereo effects engines for chorus, phaser, flanger (positive and negative), tremolo, lo-fi, rotary, stereo delay, ping-pong delay, x-over delay, and reverb
  • 500 user preset locations, with 300 editable factory programs
  • 100 sequences can be saved and linked to any patch
  • 8 quick recall slots allow for instant recall of your favorite sounds
  • Multiple keyboard modes include mono, poly, unison 2, unison 4, unison 8, stack 2, and stack 4
  • Glide/portamento with legato and staccato modes
  • Rugged steel and aluminum construction
  • 1/8-inch analog clock sync input and output, configured to Korg/Teenage Engineering spec
  • 1/8-inch aux input for routing external audio through effects
  • Class-compliant MIDI over USB can be used with tablets and smartphones
  • MPE Mode supports MPE-capable controllers

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Modal Electronics
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Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Modal Cobalt8 | 37-key 8-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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