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Hk Sonar 115 Sub D
  • Hk Sonar 115 Sub D
  • Hk Sonar 115 Sub D
  • Hk Sonar 115 Sub D
  • Hk Sonar 115 Sub D

Hk Sonar 115 Sub D | 1500w Active Subwoofer

HK Audio
SONAR 115 Sub D is a powerful, state-of-the-art powered subwoofer for extending the bass response of SONAR full-range models, but also many other types of speakers. The 15” high-performance woofer, the 1500-watt power amplifier and the meticulous HK Audio acoustic engineering guarantee an impressively powerful bass experience.
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A compact powerhouse that packs a phenomenal low-frequency foundation into an enclosure with a surprisingly small footprint, this high-performance 15” woofer delivers impressive 1500 watts of power. And its efficient 24-bit controller turns all that muscle into a demonstration of low-end might one would only expect from large 18” subwoofers. That’s how the der SONAR 115 Sub D transforms a good song into a gripping rock hymn and reserved wallflowers into dancing queens and kings.
No sophisticated subwoofer has ever been simpler to set up: Just select the appropriate preset on the easy-to-read display and enjoy the perfect plug-&-play sound.
And if you like the idea of a space-saving 2.1 subwoofer/satellite system, then you’re sure to love the der SONAR 115 Sub D ´s stereo inputs and outputs.
This bass bin also comes with a very special feature called Cardioid mode that drastically reduces the volume behind the speaker when you’re running two der SONAR 115 Sub D. With this professional feature, cardioid setups require no further adjustments – anyone can configure them without having to fuss with complicated calculations.

Facts & features

  • 15” high-performance woofer
  • 1500-watt peak power
  • 24-bit DSP electronics
  • LCD screen with dimming function
  • Clear menu control of parameters such as Bass Boost, X-Over, Polarity, Delay
  • Mode for operation with SONAR mid/high units
  • CARDIOID FRONT and CARDIOID REAR presets for easy Cardioid operation
  • HK Audio MultiGrip handles
  • 2 input channels and 2 output channels
  • M20 pole mount adapter
  • Sturdy wooden cabinet
  • Metal grille front backed with black acoustic foam
  • Equipped for fitting transport rollers
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty after registration

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Hk Sonar 115 Sub D | 1500w Active Subwoofer

Hk Sonar 115 Sub D | 1500w Active Subwoofer

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