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Hk Sonar 115 Sub D | 1500w Active Subwoofer

SONAR 115 Sub D is a powerful, state-of-the-art powered subwoofer for extending the bass response of SONAR full-range models, but also many other types of speakers. The 15” high-performance woofer, the 1500-watt power amplifier and the meticulous HK Audio acoustic engineering guarantee an impressively powerful bass experience.

Cena 649,00 € Redna cena 772,62 €
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Hk Audio Sonar 110 Xi | 800w Active Full Range Speaker

SONAR 110 Xi is an extremely compact powered state-of-the-art loudspeaker, that provides top sound, whether as a full-range speaker, as a stage monitor or as a satellite in combination with a subwoofer. Powerful components and meticulous HK Audio acoustic engineering guarantee an impressive sound experience with a strong bass.

Cena 375,00 € Redna cena 446,43 €
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