Zoom R20 | 16-stezni snemalnik

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Zoom R20 dosledno prenaša vse funkcije Zoomovih uspešnih večsteznih snemalnikov v sodobno produkcijsko okolje s 4,3-palčnim LCD zaslonom na dotik, neposrednim dostopom do funkcij urejanja, 16-kanalnim digitalnim mešalnikom, avdio vmesnikom in vgrajenim generatorjem zvoka. Z R20 je Zoom radikalno prečistil uporabniški vmesnik in postavil dostop do vseh funkcij urejanja in nastavitev na zaslon na dotik: tukaj je mogoče želeno funkcijo ali pogled izbrati prek menijske vrstice in nato neposredno urejati. Urejanje in nastavljanje vstavljenih učinkov je zdaj otročje lahko. Delo na digitalni konzoli je olajšano z možnostmi sodobne DSP in računalniške tehnologije.

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Take the stress out of recording sessions with a workstation that can do it all! The Zoom R20 16-track Recorder is your recording interface, editing station, mixer, and effects application in one intuitive package. Its 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen is color coded to its gain and fader controls in each of the eight channels for seamless usage of any and all of its six microphone XLR inputs and two combo inputs. Mute controls, click tracks, master fader — you have everything you need to expertly record all of your tracks in one concise, user-friendly, and affordable module. With up to 1TB of SD recording, you’ll eliminate the need for computers and expensive DAWs, and get right down to business on all creative and technical fronts of your project. Your drummer is even built-in, offering 150 rhythm patterns, or you can plug in your MIDI keyboard to access the R20’s versatile internal synthesizer. We’re especially fond of the available Voiceover Gestures that makes this revolutionary workstation comfortable for those with visual impairments, allowing everyone the chance to expand their projects. The Zoom R20 is your one-stop-shop for turning your ideas into full-fledged compositions!

Ease of use for all musicians

Navigation and editing are easier than ever thanks to the R20’s 4.3-inch LCD color touchscreen. Each displayed track is individually color coded to match its specified channel controls, making quick and efficient editing a priority every time you work. And the R20 is outfitted to accommodate your entire recording setup, boasting eight XLR channels with two that double as line inputs for directly recording your guitar or other instruments via an instrument jack to the interface. Miking amps, pianos, acoustic guitars, and entire drum kits is a cinch for the R20.

But one of the coolest accommodations of the Zoom R20 is its VoiceOver Gesture controls. The first multi-track recorder of its kind to do so, the R20 features an audible assistant that makes using all functions of the workstation easier for those with visual impairments. We love to see companies like Zoom that find ways to build gear that’s both accessible and easy to use for every music lover.

Everything you need onboard!

The internal features of the R20 are just as impressive as the external controls, offering an array of creative and technical adjustment options to take your recordings to new heights. Accompany any of your tracks with the R20’s built in drumming system, presenting not just 150 rhythms and song formations, but 30 genres to choose from, matching a rhythm section to any mood your song calls for. You can also take advantage of the 18 onboard synthesizer sounds — just hook up your MIDI controllable keyboard! Expand your band with imported MIDI files, allowing for external bass lines, melodies, and the like to make an appearance in your project.

Additionally, the R20 comes equipped with integrated EQ and Compression controls, among others, bringing all of the intricacies of mixing and mastering right to your workstation. Its provided full MFX processor is even compatible with Guitar Lab software, so you can really get down to the nitty gritty! And your sessions will flow as flawlessly as ever with a monitoring headphone jack and separate output for connecting to your monitors of choice, making those long nights of mixing a lot less daunting.

Technically speaking

There are a handful of tech specs that bump the R20 into a league of its own as far as affordable multitrack recorders go. The R20 offers Hi-Z on channel one’s multi-jack input, with available 48V phantom power on channels 5-8, catering to a wide variety of your chosen audio sources. Also, the inclusion of a locking AC power adapter means you get more project security than ever, protecting from accidental unplugging and the loss of your hard-fought-for track progress.

For those moments when multi-tasking is crucial, or for when you need to be at the helm of your workstation from the other side of the studio, R20 has your back! The separately sold Zoom BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter allows you to connect to Zoom’s wireless control app, giving you control of the R20 from your IOS device! And you won’t have to worry about running out of space, either, as the R20 records directly to SDHC and SDXC cards up with up to 1TB of storage. Your next EP or album will be safely stored, and ready to export as one unit!


  • 16-track multitrack recorder, editor, and mixing workstation
  • 4.3-inch color LCD touchscreen visual monitor built-in
  • Per-channel gain controls and faders are color-coded to make sessions flow seamlessly
  • 8 XLR channels with two of them housing line inputs
  • Channel one offers Hi-Z, and channels 5-8 offer 48V phantom power
  • VoiceOver Gestures create an easily accessible interface for those with visual impairments
  • Built-in drummer provides 150 rhythm and song formations in 30 genres
  • MIDI-connectable, featuring 18 onboard synthesizer sounds
  • Import MIDI files to add pre-recorded basslines, effects, and other audio elements to your tracks
  • EQ, Compression, etc. comes standard on the R20, and its MFX processor is even compatible with Guitar Lab, making mixing a convenient task
  • Locking AC power adapter protects from accidental unplugging and erasing of your tracks
  • Records directly to SDHC and SDXC cards with up to 1TB of storage
  • Separately sold BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter makes the R20 controllable via the Zoom wireless control app on your IOS device


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