Zoom Pcf-8n | Protective Case For F4, F8, And F8n Recorder

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Protective Field Case for Zoom F4, F8, and F8n Multitrack Recorders

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Take your Zoom F8n recorder into the field where it belongs, with this Zoom PCF-8N protective case. Offering an amazing combination of carrying convenience and connectivity access, the PCF-8N makes long, mobile recording sessions a breeze. Ask any of the field-recording enthusiasts, and they'll tell you — this case is an absolute must-have for anyone working in video production or remote media gathering! It has a clear window and drawstring sleeves around the connections to keep out water and dust, and there's plenty of room for mics, cables, and other accessories between the zippered front pouch, the side pockets, and the main compartment. You can even reconfigure the PCF-8N as a mobile tabletop if you like.


  • The perfect protective case for your Zoom F8n, F8, or F4 multitrack field recorder
  • Protects your recorder while making it easier to use in the field
  • Side openings with drawstring sleeves protect connections from the elements
  • Detachable water-resistant cover includes clear window for visual monitoring
  • Reconfigurable inner divider lets you turn your case into a table surface
  • Adjustable strap with shoulder pad includes 3 latch hooks per side for customization
  • Front and side pockets provide extra storage for cables, microphones, and other gear
  • Removable bottom panel offers access to rear connectors and battery compartment
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