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Guitar Multi-effects Processor with 4-in/4-out USB 2.0 Audio Interface, Amp Modeling Panel, 5 Stomp Switches, Touchscreen, Expression/Volume Pedal, 70 Pre-loaded Cabinet IRs, 130 User IR Slots, 5-minute Looper, 68 Rhythm Patterns, Tuner, 2 FX Loops, and MIDI In/Out

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The Zoom G11 is the culmination of 30 years of engineering and passion. This multi-effects pedal pulls out all the stops, with six custom-crafted amp models and three decades worth of classic dynamics, modulation, delays, reverbs, and more. You also get five additional effects: two electrifying distortions and three otherworldly modulations. There’s plenty of DSP on tap, enabling you to chain up to nine effects, along with an amplifier emulation. The G11’s 70 pre-loaded cab IRs are spot-on, while 130 user IR slots accommodate your third-party impulse responses. Navigating the G11 is a breeze, thanks to its customizable workflow, an intuitive 5-inch touchscreen, familiar amp modeling panel and stompbox footswitches, and an expression/volume pedal for real-time manipulation of your effects. The G11 pedal is brimming with player-essential features, such as a 5-minute looper, 69 built-in rhythm patterns, 2 stereo effects loops, MIDI I/O, and an integrated 4-in/4-out USB audio interface. The Zoom G11 is a top-shelf multi-effects pedal. It’s pro-level all the way.

Six Custom-crafted Amp Models

Ear-tingling sonic textures right under your feet

The G11 boasts six custom-crafted amp models, putting exciting, ear-tingling sonic textures right under your feet. These models evoke the best tonal qualities of the greatest guitar amplifiers in history then combined them to give you a whole bevy of tonal palettes to experiment with.

  • Krampus combines the brightness of an ‘80s British amp with the extended lows of a modern high-gain amplifier.
  • Redloom merges the tone of an early guitar amp with the rich overtones of a ‘60s tube amp. Ideal for sweet-sounding rhythms.
  • Velvet is aptly named — its smooth character balances the dynamic response between your wound and plain strings. If you play Hendrixian lead/rhythm phrases, this is the model to use.
  • Muddy (as in Waters) is a vintage amp sound that’s perfect for gritty blues leads.
  • 7 Heaven was tailor-made for 7- and 8-string guitars, combining tight lows with an expanded dynamic response.
  • Pollex was built for extreme drop-tuning. If you slap or djent, use this one.

Electrifying Distortion and Modulation Effects

Unlocks endless worlds of tonal possibilities

The G11 is jam-packed with classic Zoom effects — dynamics, modulation, delays, reverbs, and more — the same killer sounds we’ve enjoyed for decades. In addition to that, this multi-effects pedal includes electrifying distortion and modulation effects that unlock endless worlds of tonal possibilities.

  • Razor Drive delivers novel distortion textures, employing comb filtering to control saturation by boosting the filter, and consequently distortion, at each frequency point of resonance.
  • Wave Shaper yields a harmonic-laden sound by applying a cutting-edge algorithm to shape your waveform.
  • PolyShift is a modern pitch-shifting effect that adds subtle sound variances over a 2-octave range.
  • Geminos is a real-time doubling effect that adds thickness and width by triple-overdubbing your dry signal. This produces huge-sounding chords and sustaining solos.
  • SwellVibe isn’t your run-of-the-mill vibrato. Instead of modulating your signal from the start, this inimitable effect applies pitch modulation with a time lag affecting only the sustain of your sound. It will completely transform your ambient pads.

High-resolution Cabinet Emulations

70 pre-loaded IRs plus 130 user IR slots

The G11 is jam-packed with 22 cabinet emulations to complement its amp models, along with 70 pre-loaded impulse responses that were captured by placing the microphone in three different positions. Each cabinet includes an impulse where the mic was placed 1 inch away, one where the mic was placed 12 inches away, and one where the mic was placed in the room. This ensures that you have a wide arsenal of cabinets to choose from. A lot of the guitarists have our own third-party IRs. After all, we’re tone fiends! But that’s not a problem for the G11. Thanks to its 130 user IR slots, you’re covered.

Touchscreen and Stompbox Controls

Customizable, easy-to-navigate workflow

No matter how complex your effects chains are, the Zoom G11’s easy-to-use, application-driven technology makes navigating them a breeze. A 5-inch color touchscreen enables you to drag, drop, and swipe your way to new sounds. If you can use a smartphone, you can use the G11. An amp modeling panel allows you to tweak amp settings with LED-backlit knobs that mimic the controls on a real-world amplifier. And stompbox footswitches supply you with familiar pedal-style effects switching. Best of all, the G11 offers three customizable workflows. Play by Patch lets you scroll through your patches. Play by Effect — which is great for studio work — supplies you with a visual representation of your custom effects chain. And Play by Bank — ideal for live work — organizes your patches in song lists for quick access to every sound for every song.

Jam-packed with Player-essential Features

Looper, 2 FX loops, MIDI I/O, and built-in audio interface

The G11 boasts a myriad of player-essential features. Add layers to your solo performances with a 5-minute looper. Choose your groove from 68 built-in rhythm patterns that run the full gamut of genres and time signatures. Integrate your stompboxes and external effects with two stereo effects loops. Synchronize with and trigger other devices via MIDI. You can also use the G11 as a full-blown 4-in/4-out USB 2.0 audio interface, empowering you to record directly to your Mac or PC. Zoom even included a copy of Steinberg’s Cubase LE DAW to get you started.


  • 6 custom-crafted amp models put exciting, ear-tingling sonic textures right under your feet
  • Jam-packed with 3 decades of classic Zoom effects — dynamics, modulation, delays, reverbs, and more
  • 5 additional effects: 2 electrifying distortions and 3 otherworldly modulations
  • Chain up to 9 effects, along with an amplifier emulation
  • 70 pre-loaded cabinet impulse responses with various microphones and mic positions
  • 130 user IR slots accommodate your 3rd-party impulse responses
  • 5” color touchscreen enables you to drag, drop, and swipe your way to new sounds
  • Amp modeling panel mimics the controls on a real-world amplifier
  • 5 stompbox footswitches supply you with familiar pedal-style effects switching
  • Expression/volume pedal offers real-time manipulation of effect parameters
  • 3 customizable workflows for editing, studio, and stage
  • 5-minute looper for adding layers to your solo performances
  • 69 built-in rhythm patterns run the full gamut of genres and time signatures
  • 2 stereo effects loops for integrating your stompboxes and external effects
  • MIDI I/O for synchronizing with and triggering other devices
  • Integrated 4-in/4-out USB 2.0 audio interface for direct-to-computer recording
  • Steinberg’s Cubase LE DAW software is included
  • Remote iOS connection for using Guitar Lab via Bluetooth adapter (sold separately)
  • Download additional effects with Zoom Guitar Lab

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