Zoom B2 Four | Bass Multi-effects Pedal

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Nadgradite svojo igro basovskih učinkov s procesorjem B2 Four Bass Multi-effects iz Zooma. Glasbeniki nenehno hvalijo procesorje Zoom Multi-effects zaradi njihovih neverjetnih zmogljivosti - zdaj je na voljo še ena odlična možnost za basiste. Zoom ponuja 104 zvezdniške učinke za ustvarjanje popravkov, vključno s slavnimi butičnimi učinki, predojačevalci in izvirniki Zoom. Zoom B2 Four dobi svojo moč iz Zoomove večslojne IR tehnologije in šestih ikoničnih modelov DI. Fantastično orodje za vadbo in zmogljivost, B2 Four ima 60-sekundni vgrajeni looper in 68 udarcev iz vgrajene ritem naprave. Izklešete lahko popolne učinke in emulacije za kovino, ustvarite popolno vzdušje za pokončni piezo pickup nizkih tonov in vse vmes staro in moderno.

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Upgrade your bass effects game with the B2 Four Bass Multi-effects Processor from Zoom. Musicians constantly laud Zoom Multi-effects processors for their incredible capabilities — now, there’s another excellent option for bassists. Zoom provides 104 stellar effects to build patches, including famous boutique effects, preamps, and Zoom originals. The Zoom B2 Four gets its power from Zoom’s Multi-layer IR technology plus six iconic DI models. A fantastic practice and performance tool, the B2 Four features a 60-second built-in looper and 68 beats from an onboard rhythm machine. You can carve out the perfect effects and emulations for metal, craft the perfect atmosphere for an upright bass piezo pickup, and everything vintage and modern in between.

104 effects and 250 presets onboard

With a range of 104 effects, there’s much to explore with the Zoom B2 Four. Users can mix and match up to five effects and amps simultaneously to craft a unique sound all their own. For instance, you can get synthy with Zoom’s Bass Standard Synth for unique filtering detail or engage the Bass Synth Talk that sounds like a talking modulator. A Bass Analog Octave effect harnesses the power of an algorithm formulated on operating principles of analog octavers. Dive right in, there’s much more to discover.

A preamp for every bassist

You can enjoy plenty of preamp models to contour your sound. A Clear Drive utilizes a linear phase filter in the distortion path to create a clear drive devoid of phase interference in the dry mix. A Super Low Preamp sounds excellent on super low sound thanks to “missing fundamental” acoustic science, a bass enhancer, and a negative one-octave sound. Next, a 1073 Preamp boasts a thick, warm, vintage sound. A Solid Preamp takes cues from a console’s solid-state mic preamp, providing you with tight harmonics and no ultra-low frequencies. And that’s only scratching the surface.

Zoom makes it easy to sound amazing

Zoom’s B2 Four packs multitudes of tonal value into a single chassis. With plenty of effects and emulations onboard, you can also start right out of the gate with 250 presets that run the gamut from classic ’50s sounds to contemporary sounds. Great for live performance, the B2 Four can connect you directly to one of the six DI models when you plug into the house PA. These DIs that re-create world-class direct boxes are now acccessible at the tip of your foot.

A wealth of connections

Zoom ensured the B2 Four came with all the connections today’s modern bassists require. You can connect the balanced output directly to a PA or interface or run through the stereo outputs to your favorite amp. Plus, an instrument input features a switch that can change the impedance. Go from 1M to 10M ohms to achieve plenty of clarity for basses with piezo pickups and more. USB connectivity means you can easily connect to a computer or smartphone and use your B2 Four Processor as a 2-in/2-out audio interface. Users can also purchase a separately available iOS app called the Handy Guitar Lap to expand the B2 Four’s capabilities further. Lastly, four rotary encoders and cross-key navigation buttons allow for easy control of parameters, output settings, and basic pedal controls.

Get inspired with 68 built-in drum patterns and a 60-second looper

Metronomes are great for keeping time, but they’re not very inspiring. That’s why the Zoom B2 Four includes 68 built-in drum patterns. These great-sounding rhythms give you plenty to jam along to, boasting multiple time signatures — 4/4, 3/4, and more. These built-in drum patterns are perfect for keeping the beat but don’t do much for harmonic context. That’s where the 60-second built-in looper comes in handy. You can lay down a chord progression, loop it, then play over it. This powerful looper is the perfect solution for more creative and engaging practice sessions!


  • Complete with 104 effects and 250 presets just for the bass guitar
  • Powered with Zoom’s Multi-layer IR technology and 6 iconic DI models
  • Great for modern styles to vintage tones and everything in between
  • Mix and match up to 5 effects and amps simultaneously
  • Balanced output and stereo outputs for connecting to PA systems, interfaces, or amps
  • Great choice for live performance or private practice
  • 60-second looper is an ideal tool for jams and rehearsals
  • 68 built-in drum patterns in multiple time signatures give you plenty to jam along to
  • USB connectivity so you can use the B2 Four as a 2-in/2-out audio interface and connect to a computer or smartphone 


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