Universal Audio UAFX Dream 65 | Reverb Amp Pedal

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Big cleans, deep vibrato, springy reverb — sound familiar?

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Big cleans, deep vibrato, springy reverb — sound familiar? Universal Audio’s Dream ’65 Reverb Amp pedal is an authentic start-to-finish emulation of perhaps the most recorded 1 x 12-inch combo amp of all time! This pedal gives you everything an original model would and more, boasting three speaker options and three amp versions — stock and two common modifications — that perfectly capture the sparkling cleans and rich overdrive of this pedal’s inspiration. Guitarists are amazed at how closely the Dream ’65 recreates the sound of a tube amp recorded in a live room, and this lifelike quality comes courtesy of UA’s incredible mic, cab, and Dynamic Room Modeling technology. What's more, each pedal in the UAFX series allows you to bypass your amplifier's preamp when the pedal is engaged via the special "4-cable" mode, supercharging your amp with two additional channels. If you’re looking for even greater control, the Dream ’65 sports Bluetooth compatibility to connect to Universal Audio’s UAFX app for enhanced editing, access to artist presets, and more!

A trio of distinct amp styles

The Dream ’65 comes loaded with 3 different amp versions for a wealth of sonic possibilities. Naturally, this pedal emulates the stock version of its inspiration, but two modded versions are included with unique boost controls for added flexibility.

Stock: Looking for lush cleans? This is the setting for you! In this mode, the boost knob adds up to 10dB of clean gain.
Lead: On this mode, the bright cap is removed when the boost is above OFF, giving lower boost settings a rich, rounded off tone. Once you make it past around 10 o’clock, the Dream ’65 kicks up the midrange for a greater punch when playing with drive.

D-Tex: The pride and joy of Texas blues tone! This setting significantly increases gain and midrange for a smooth overdriven tone. Cranking the boost knob on this mode reduces the impact of the tone stack, leading to a more open tone.

Switch up your speakers

Part of the Dream ’65’s magic is found in the dead-on speaker/cab emulations, bolstered by Universal Audio’s Dynamic Room Modeling technology. The Dream ’65 comes loaded with three cab/mic/speaker settings, seamlessly matched to the three different amplifier modes. Guitarists looking to cover a wide sonic range will love experimenting with the different speaker and amp pairings; plus, when registering the Dream ’65 with Universal Audio, you get three more free cab sims to play with!

4-cable mode offers powerful channel switching

Each pedal in Universal Audio’s UAFX series features a special “4-cable” mode accessible via the UAFX Control app, allowing you to bypass your amp’s preamp when the pedal is engaged for incredibly realistic tube-style tones. By hooking your pedal up to both your effects loop send/return and the front of amp input, you can instantly switch between your amp’s stock tone and your UAFX pedal routed straight into the power amp, effectively adding two extra channels to your amplifier. What’s more, Universal Audio designed this feature with multiple pedal setups in mind — you can connect any number of UAFX pedals in this configuration for multi-channel madness!

UAFX Control app

Looking for greater control over your tone? The Dream ’65 is Bluetooth and USB-C compatible to pair with Universal Audio’s powerful UAFX app. In addition to giving you greatly enhanced editing options, the UAFX app also includes access to artist tones, custom presets, and more.


  • Authentic end-to-end replication of one of the most iconic 1 x 12-inch combo amplifiers of the ‘60s
  • Boost control for easier breakup, with unique settings on each amp mode
  • Built-in spring reverb and vibrato to capture the sound of the ’60s
  • 3 separate speaker/cab/mic options for a wide range of different tonal flavors
  • Stock mode is supplemented with 2 of the most iconic mods of the original
  • 3 bonus cabs are provided when registering the Dream ’65
  • 4-cable mode bypasses your amplifier's preamp when the pedal is engaged, giving you 2 more channels to play with
  • USB-C port for firmware updates
  • Bluetooth-compatible for access to Universal Audio’s UAFX app
  • Save and access presets using the right footswitch


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