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8 x 8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface, with 8 VMS-One Mic Preamps, 2 Instrument/Line Inputs, 8 Line Outputs, 2 Headphone Outputs, and Built-in Monitor Switching - Mac/PC

Class-leading Audio Quality Plus Virtual Microphone/Preamp Modeling

With next-generation AKM converters providing an industry-leading 124dB dynamic range, plus eight transparent VMS-One microphone preamplifiers, the Slate Digital VRS8 audio interface delivers best-in-class performance for Mac and PC. The integration of VMS-One mic preamps means you can tap into Slate Digital's spot-on emulations of classic mics and preamps, giving you complete control over your tone after tracking. The custom converter chipset allows for an astonishingly-low .7-millisecond latency, even when tracking through microphone and preamp emulations. Complete with built-in monitor switching and powerful headphone amplifiers, the Slate Digital VRS8 audio interface is a comprehensive control room solution.

Next-generation sound quality

Every inch of signal path in the Slate Digital VRS8 audio interface has been designed for maximum fidelity and minimal latency. Thanks to their Low-latency Native (LLN) technology, Slate reports the latency at an incredible .7 milliseconds at 96kHz with 32 sample buffer. The VMS-One mic preamps are the same ultra-linear model as found in the Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System, designed to be a blank canvas that can be colored in infinite ways using Slate's spot-on emulations of classic mics and preamps. Class-leading conversion delivers an amazing 124dB dynamic range, while XTC "satellite-grade" clocking uses four temperature-compensated crystal oscillators for precision audio clocking and ultra-low jitter and distortion.

Capture the sound of legendary mics and preamps

Setting up for a vocal overdub session? How would you like access to a coveted German large-diaphragm condenser mic from the early 1960s? No problem. Why not pair that with the channel strip preamp from a classic '70s British console? Done. Using advanced physical modeling and state-of-the-art digital signal processing techniques, Slate Digital's VMS-One mic preamps give you access to virtually any signal-path tone you can imagine. You can apply mic and preamp emulations during tracking, or during mixdown in your DAW. VMS-One mic preamps are outstanding with any microphone and are optimized to be a blank canvas for Slate Digital ML series microphones.

Native MIDI I/O for superior MIDI timing

MIDI has managed to remain relevant for over three decades, and we know MIDI is employed in myriad ways in pro studios. The Slate Digital VRS8 audio interface offers native MIDI in and out for much more precise MIDI timing than USB-based MIDI interfaces usually offer. However you use MIDI in your studio, your synchronization will be rock solid with the Slate Digital VRS8.

Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface Features:

  • 8-input Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac and Windows
  • Eight VMS-One mic preamps with ultra-linear, sonically-neutral performance
  • Apply spot-on microphone and preamplifier emulations to re-create legendary recording paths
  • Next-generation AKM AK5578 converters for 124dB dynamic range
  • Ultra-low jitter and distortion thanks to XTC satellite-grade clocking technology
  • Dual front-panel inputs for instruments and line-level sources
  • Dedicated mic gain knobs so you can adjust levels fast with hands-on immediacy
  • The perfect match for Slate Digital ML series ultra-linear microphones
  • Native MIDI I/O for superior MIDI clocking compared to USB
  • Includes a 1-year license to the Everything Bundle
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