Roland Aira Compact S-1 Tweak Synth | Polyphonic Synth Module With 26 Multi-function Pads

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Zasnovan za premostitev klasike s sodobnim, Rolandov Aira Compact S-1 prinaša sintezo dediščine v sodobno, prenosljivo usmerjeno obliko, ki je zasnovana tako, da vas popelje od zamisli o prilagajanju tonov vse do odra, vse brez preskoka utripa. Globoko v zvočni arhitekturi S-1 bije srce Rolandove ikone SH-101, zahvaljujoč njihovi prelomni tehnologiji Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB). Razkošna poslastica orodij za ustvarjanje tonov in ritmov vključuje več oscilatorjev, celovito filtriranje, globoke kontrole ovojnic, dediščino FX, arpeggiation in 64-stopenjski sekvencer. Obsežna povezljivost vam omogoča, da ostanete sinhronizirani s preostalo opremo, ko vzamete ta majhen studio, produkcijski profesionalci pa se ne morejo naveličati njegovih zvočnih zmogljivosti, ki zajemajo spekter.

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Designed to bridge the classic with the contemporary, Roland’s Aira Compact S-1 brings heritage synthesis into a modern, portability-minded form factor engineered to take you from tone-tweaking ideation all the way to the stage, all without skipping a beat. Deep within the S-1’s sonic architecture beats the heart of Roland’s iconic SH-101, thanks to their groundbreaking Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. A deluxe sweet of tone-crafting and beat-making tools include multiple oscillators, comprehensive filtering, deep envelope controls, heritage FX, arpeggiation, and a 64-step sequencer. Extensive connectivity lets you stay in sync with the rest of your gear when you take this pint-size polysynth to the studio, and production pros can’t get enough of its spectrum-spanning aural capabilities.

Superlative sound shaping, anytime, anywhere

The S-1’s 4-voice polyphony is complemented by a well-rounded set of oscillators, all simultaneously adjustable and available. Square and sawtooth waveforms are accompanied by a sub-oscillator and a noise oscillator. But waveform variety doesn’t stop there. Roland’s OSC Drawing uses the deeper possibilities of the ACB technology to let you draw completely custom waveforms of your own; the supplementary OSC Chop introduces Overtone and Comb capabilities for rich, expansive harmonics. Extensive filter, LFO, and envelope controls mean you’ve always got a multitude of sculpting tools at the ready.

Tweakable tone crafting

With the cutting-edge capabilities of Roland’s ACB tech, the S-1 can produce a formidable armature of tones. Though the SH-101 is deeply interwoven into its sonic DNA, it’s not the only Roland icon to make an appearance. Dimensional expansion tools from the likes of JUNO line and JX-3P synths dot the S-1’s onboard FX palette, from shimmering choruses and cavernous reverbs to both tempo-synced and free-running delays. Its multifunction pads include a keybed-style arrangement, accommodating a two-plus-octave range of note input, with pattern and transposition tools easily accessible, thanks to the deep functionality of the S-1’s numerous shift-key tools. Seeing as expression drives the Aira line of portable, it’s only fitting that the S-1 includes Roland’s D-Motion tech: a motion-driven expressivity device that translates real-time, physical movement into modifications of any number of performance and composition parameters. If you’re looking for a rhythmic rondo, the S-1 is outfitted with an arpeggiator and a 64-step sequencer, with velocity, motion recording, probability adjustment, and more tools to elevate your output!

Uncompromising sound and premium portability

As Roland has expanded their Aira series of compact instruments, it’s apparent the company understands the importance of form and function. The S-1’s sleek build doesn’t just make for easy storage and transportation, an intuitive and carefully designed interface ensures you can always access the necessary tools. Moreover, deep connectivity options include Aira Sync, TRS MIDI, and class-compliant USB-C audio and MIDI, meaning no driver is needed to go straight to work with virtually any other MIDI-capable instrument — it even transmits CC messages. Thanks to the onboard lithium-ion battery, you can experience the complete offering of the S-1 in unimpeded, 4.5-hour increments. Long-haul drives and cumbersome commutes just got a whole lot more fun.


  • Compact form factor masterfully melds heritage synthesis with contemporary accommodations
  • Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology serves as the S-1’s foundation for a staggering suite of sonic sculpting and tone-crafting tools
  • Deeply inspired by the aural possibilities of heritage synths, characteristic elements of the SH-101, JUNO line, JX-3P, and more are wonderfully reimagined
  • Onboard effects include shimmering delays and cavernous reverbs for complete dimensional control
  • 26 multi-functional pads comprise a 2+ octave range of note-based performance alongside deep editing tools and shift-key functionality
  • Multimode arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer ensure flexible, powerful rhythm tools, with up to 64 sequencer patterns and a host of advanced programming tools
  • 4-voice polyphony takes the SH-101’s sonic profile, and more, to new heights
  • 4 always-available oscillators include sub, noise, square, and saw options for unique tone crafting
  • Comprehensive sound-shaping tools include nuanced filter, envelope, and LFO controls for complete compositional control
  • ACB tech allows for highly customizable waveform drawing, creating new shapes with added overtone shaping and comb filter to introduce rich, dazzling harmonics
  • Diverse connectivity includes AIRA Sync I/O, TRS MIDI I/O, mix I/O, and class-compliant, MIDI CC-capable USB-C Audio/MIDI for streamlined integration into virtually any setup
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 4.5 hours of unimpeded beat-crafting



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