Rode NT1 5th Generation Silver | Condenser Microphone With SM6 Shockmount And Pop Filter

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Profesionalni kondenzatorski mikrofon pete generacije z veliko membrano Pozlačena in elastično nameščena 1" kapsula Kardioidni polarni vzorec 32-bitni zvok s plavajočo vejico Dvojni konektor: XLR3-M in USB-C Samo 4 dBA lastnega hrupa Izjemno tihi predojačevalnik High-Gain Revolution Frekvenčni odziv: 20 Hz - 20 kHz A/D pretvorba s hitrostjo vzorčenja do 192 kHz Vgrajen DSP, uporaben z brezplačno programsko opremo za pretakanje/snemanje RODE Connect DSP zagotavlja visokofrekvenčni filter, Noise gate, kompresor in Aphex Napajanje preko USB (5V) ali fantomskega napajanja (48V)r

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The fifth evolution of the Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone comes with a handful of exciting updates, including a first-of-its-kind hybrid output that features both XLR and USB connections. From mixers and interfaces to directly recording to your computer, the NT1 is up for any connection. This mic is near silent, too, offering impeccable low self-noise at just 4dBA plus a super low noise Revolution Preamp for clear, hum-less recording. Additionally, the NT1’s onboard DSP features grant you total audio processing access with compression, gating, highpass filtering, and even more advanced APHEX processing controls. And to top it all off, the NT1 comes with an SM6 shockmount and pop filter combination, plus a couple of cables for a great value that gets you up and recording instantly. Studio pros recommend the NT1 5th Generation Condenser Microphone from Rode for ultra-clear studio recordings at a fantastic price.

Incomparably clear audio signal

Rode knows how to build workhorse condenser mics right, and the legacy of the NT1 is a testament to their accumulated trust within the industry. The NT1 is the world’s quietest studio condenser mic, backed by a minuscule 4dbA of self-noise and a low-noise Revolution Preamp to ensure your signal stays as clear as possible, preserving what you want to hear and eliminating what you don’t. Its cardioid polar pattern and large diaphragm, 1-inch gold-sputtered condenser capsule delivers your audio tracks with studio-grade warmth and precision, thanks to the NT1’s extended frequency range. Its sensitive engineering handles high sound pressure levels with no problem and converts analog to digital signals with 192kHz of high-resolution strength and stunningly unclippable 32-bit float digital output. See what we mean by “workhorse”?

Revolutionary hybrid XLR/USB output

There are no limits to where and how you can connect the Rode NT1. Courtesy of a proprietary XLR/USB hybrid output design, the NT1 can handle conjunctive usage in various applications, including audio mixing hardware and recording interfaces. Want to record tracks directly to your computer? Switch to the USB-C connection, and your stunning NT1 signal quality is delivered effortlessly to your DAW. This cardioid condenser mic offers pro-level production for studios of all calibers without the limitations of the past inhibiting your studio space or creative capabilities.

Bundled with the SM6 shockmount and pop screen

Rode wasn't content to supply the NT1 with any ordinary shockmount. That's why they came up with the SM6 combination shockmount and pop screen. The entire frame of the SM6 is made from an engineering-grade polymer, which provides excellent stability without much added weight. That makes the NT1 incredibly easy to use with any ordinary microphone stand in your studio. A dual Lyre suspension system offers superior resistance to vibration with none of the drawbacks of conventional rubber-band shockmounts. The SM6's clamp is robust and easy to operate, and the pop filter offers excellent plosive protection.


  • Large-diaphragm, gold-sputtered condenser capsule with cardioid polar pattern
  • 4dBA of self-noise and low-noise Revolution Preamp supply virtually silent operation
  • Extended frequency range means superior signal capturing across the board
  • High-SPL handling accommodates tracking at all dynamics
  • Digital to analog conversion at a super-high resolution of 192kHz with 32-bit float digital output
  • XLR/USB hybrid output allows for simple integration into hardware- and computer-based studios
  • Onboard DSP and advanced APHEX controls, including compression, gating, highpass filtering, Aural Exciter, and Big Bottom effects
  • Includes an SM6 shockmount and pop screen for the utmost studio convenience
  • 6m XLR cable and 3m SC29 USB-C to USB-C cables included!


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