Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 Usb | 16-kanalna digitalna mešalna miza

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PRESONUS STUDIOLIVE 16.0.2 USB, profesionalna in izredno funkcionalna digitalna mešalna konzola z integrirano 18x16 večstezno (multitrack) snemalno zvočno platformo. Odlikuje jo enostavna in intuitivna uporaba bazirana na dejstvu: En drsnik/fader za vsak mono ali stereo kanal ter en izhod za vsak bus mix. Vse glavne in najbolj pomembne kontrole so hitro vidne in takoj dostopne in na razpolago (niso shranjene in zakopane v menijih vgrajene programske opreme kot pri večini digitalnih mešalnih miz, kar je časovno zamudno). Barvno kodirani kontrolni gumbi, rotirajoče trim kontrole, individualni gumbi za EQ nadzor ter dinamično procesiranje, Aux Sends mix-i imajo pravtako fizične kontrole ter vsak kanal ima velik in osvetljen merilni prikaz na zaslonu. Naj vas analogni občutek nadzora pri tej konzoli ne zavede, namreč STUDIOLIVE 16.0.2 USB Vam bo nudil popolno moč moderne digitalne mešalne mize, večstezno snemanje, brezžični daljinski nadzor preko UC Surface programske opreme in še več… PRESONUS STUDIOLIVE 16.0.2 USB obsega 8 x mono vhodnih kanalov, 4 x stereo kanale in 4 x Aux Bus, vsak kanal ima pripadajoč 60mm drsnik/fader, 12 x XMAX Class A odličnih mikrofonskih predojačevalcev, Talkback vhod z Class A mikrofonskim predojačevalcem, MIDI kontrola ter, kot že omenjeno, vgrajena večkanalna snemalna platforma z integrirano snemalno in kontrolno programsko opremo.

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From Live Mixing to Studio Recording

The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB is an excellent-sounding compact digital mixer with a flair for connectivity and extensibility. You'll have unprecedented freedom to work the way that works best for you. StudioLive technology certainly lives up to its name: a powerhouse in the studio — with stunning live capabilities that give us more than a glimpse into the future of live mixing. The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB even offers QMix wireless aux mix control software for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android for onstage convenience.

Pristine preamps for stellar recordings

The StudioLive 16.0.2 USB gives you 12 crystalline XMAX Class A mic preamplifiers (13, if you include the talkback), 16 line inputs, 4 aux mix buses, and MIDI I/O. Now throw in a 16 x 16 USB interface and PreSonus's acclaimed Fat Channel signal processing, and you've got a seriously flexible solution.

Fat Channel processing gives you access to:

  • A highpass filter on every channel and aux send
  • Phase reverse for each channel strip
  • Gate, compressor/limiter, and 3-band parametric EQ for each channel, aux output, FX bus, and main output

Onboard effects help you say goodbye to your live sound rack

A treasure trove of onboard effects give you the tools to artfully sculpt your musical inspirations. PreSonus has armed the 16.0.2 with two programmable 32-bit floating point stereo DSP effects engines packing 50 reverb, delay, and time-based effects presets. The reverbs sound opulent and highly detailed, the delays are precise, and the slap echo harkens back to good old tape delay. On top of all this, you get a 31-band stereo graphic EQ strapped across the main outs, enabling you to adjust for room acoustics and loudspeaker response.

Wirelessly control your aux mixes with your iPhone or iPod Touch

PreSonus StudioLive mixers feature QMix, which lets you control your mixer's aux sends from up to 10 Apple iPhones or iPod Touches! You can even let performers create their own custom monitor mixes from individual iPhones. With the Wheel of Me, you can choose multiple Me channels and tweak their levels simultaneously. All you need is a Mac or PC running PreSonus Virtual StudioLive software.

Fat Channel helps you achieve a great sound fast

To give you effortless access to all this processing power, the Fat Channel has clearly labeled physical knobs, a slick multifunction 16-ladder LED display, highly visible Selected Channel readout — and even a separate horizontal pan display. Visible feedback always lets you know what's going on. And so you don't have to remember a zillion-and-one settings, StudioLive never forgets. Store and Recall let you save Scenes that include every setting across the board. Or save just the Fat Channel settings. Copy and paste settings across multiple channels and buses or save individual DSP effects. Fine-tune Scenes for different songs and call them up in an instant. All of these features mean that for fixed applications like clubs, churches, or auditoriums, you can always count on getting the same sound.

iPad Wireless Remote Control is convenient both onstage and in the studio

Let's talk about iPad remote control. StudioLive Remote gives you real-time wireless remote control over Virtual StudioLive, which in turn offers real-time control over your StudioLive mixer. There's a lot of technology under the hood, but to you, it's quite transparent: a wireless connection between your iPad and computer (which is connected via USB to the 16.0.2), gives you total control over your mixer. Check the mix under the balcony and in the mezzanine, rebalancing on the fly. Tweak the stage monitors from — you guessed it — the stage. Go ahead — move freely about the venue, enjoying your newfound independence.

StudioLive Remote offers four discrete views: Channel, Aux, Fat Channel, and Graphic EQ (with draw-by-finger EQ curves). Input levels in real time. Scroll through all your input channels. Switch channels seamlessly. Awesome, but what if you wear both performer and sound mixer hats, and your hands are busy playing your instrument? Simple: just use a MIDI footpedal (or DAW) to control your Main Output volume, Effects parameters, and Scene switching.


  • 16 channel inputs (8 mono input channels and 4 stereo channels) with 60mm faders
  • 13 Class A XMAX solid-state mic preamplifiers (12 channels + talkback)
  • 4 auxiliary buses (pre/post-fader send) and 2 internal FX buses
  • 2 stereo 32-bit digital effects processors
  • QMix wireless aux mix control software for your iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Fat Channel signal processing on all channels and buses
  • 3-band semi-parametric EQ for each channel
  • Dynamics: gating, compressor, downward expander, and limiter for each channel
  • Stereo, 31-band graphic EQ on the main bus
  • 16-in/16-out USB 2.0 recording interface (24-bit/44.1kHz and 48kHz)
  • Scene and individual settings store and recall
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