Orange Amps Crush 20RT Black | Kombo kitarski ojačevalec

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The Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amplifier Combo is the largest and most feature filled model in the Crush range. At its heart, it's a high gain, twin channel preamp that's joined to a beefy 20 Watt output stage and an 8" Voice of the World speaker.

The Crush 20RT lets you experience detailed saturation and versatility that's never been heard in a practice amp. The high gain preamp gives the play an inspiring range of complex tones to play and mould with.  Low noise components provide four stages of gain with exceptional richness and clarity. These allow the amp to deliver everything from crystal clear cleans, to classic crunch, and then goes all the way to a huge, ultra-high gain metal distortion.

The Crush 20RT's fully buffered, low impedance loop has been designed for players who love pedals. It gives players the option to use any number of effects and cables to be patched between the amps input and output selections, all without sacrificing tone.  This allows pedals to perform at their absolute peak.

The reverb in the Crush 20RT is based on a classic spring type, but it's a digital module and allows you to add depth and warmth to your sound. This circuit features an analogue dry through that ensures your guitar's tone maintains all integrity as the reverb is blended in. An integrated chromatic tuner allows for accurate tune ups between songs.

A new CabSim feature has been integrated into the headphone/line output. This emulates the sound of a mic'd up Orange 4×12” cabinet loaded with Voice of the World speakers. This means that your sound isn't compromised when practicing silently or when connected to a mixer/recording console. It also features an AUX in, allowing you to jam along with your favourite tracks.

The Crush 20RT is finished in Orange's legendary livery that dates back to 1968. It features the basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature 'picture frame' edging and iconic hieroglyphs on the control panel.

The main features of the Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amplifier Combo include:

  • 20 Watt guitar amplifier combo
  • Custom 8" Voice of the World speaker
  • Twin channel design with high gain preamp
  • Controls for both channels
  • 3-Band EQ (Bass, Middle and Treble)
  • Fully buffered effects loop
  • Built-in reverb
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Headphone/line output with CabSim and AUX in
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 37.5 x 32.5 x 19.7 cm (14.67 X 12.8 X 7.75")
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