Ik Multimedia Uno Synth Pro | Analogni sintetizator, 32 tipk

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IK Multimedia UNO Synth je digitalno nadzorovana analogna elektrarna, ki je priljubljena med sintetisti zaradi svoje prenosljivosti, prilagodljivosti in ogromnih sintetičnih tonov. Zdaj je IK Multimedia dvignil UNO Synth za nekaj stopenj višje z UNO Synth Pro Desktop, ki mu je dodal parafonične zmogljivosti, tretji oscilator, drugi multimode filter, 64-stopenjski sekvencer, ekspanzivno modulacijo in izjemen mehanizem digitalnih učinkov. Poleg tega ima UNO Synth Pro Desktop 32 tipk na večkratni dotik, a ostaja dovolj majhen, da lahko poskrbi za nastope v živo in oddaljene jam sessione, in ima celoten nabor funkcij oblikovanja zvoka, ki ne omejuje raznolikosti osupljivih popravkov, ki jih lahko ustvarite. Poleg tega UNO Pro Synth izkorišča svojo parafonično zasnovo, da ponudi način »akordov« za pričaranje očarljivih padov, udarcev in tekstur analognih sintetizatorjev. Za oboževalce originalnega sintetizatorja UNO in za tiste, ki iščejo prenosni analogni sintetizator z resno funkcionalnostjo, namizja IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop ne smete zamuditi!

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The IK Multimedia UNO Synth is a digitally controlled analog powerhouse that is a favorite of synthesists for its portability, flexibility, and massive synth tones. Now, IK Multimedia has dialed the UNO Synth up a few notches with the UNO Synth Pro Desktop, adding paraphonic capabilities, a third oscillator, a second multimode filter, a 64-step sequencer, expansive modulation, and a formidable digital effects engine. Additionally, the UNO Synth Pro Desktop has 32 multi-touch keys yet remains small enough to throw in a gig back for live performances and remote jam sessions, and it has a full set of sound design features that put no limits on the variety of stunning patches you can create. Plus, the UNO Pro Synth takes advantage of its paraphonic design to offer “chord” mode for conjuring mesmerizing pads, stabs, and analog synth textures. For fans of the original UNO Synth, and for those seeking a portable analog synth with serious functionality, the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktopcan’t be missed!

Powerful, digitally controlled analog architecture

When it comes to creating fat, organic synth sounds, nothing beats analog! However, old-school analog synths, with knob- or fader-per-function designs, made it nearly impossible to recall your favorite synth settings, even when recording them by hand in a spiral-bound patch book. However, that’s not the case with the UNO Synth Pro Desktop. Although it has a fully analog signal path, including three VCOs, two multimode filters, and two envelope generators, all of the UNO Synth Pro Desktop’s parameters can be adjusted digitally via four parameter encoders, one universal data encoder, and dedicated knobs for filter cutoff and resonance. What’s more, once you brew up a brilliant patch, you can save it as a custom preset to revisit again and again — no patch sheets required!

Serves up a VCO triple threat; doubles down on the filters

The UNO Synth Pro Desktop’s massive analog growl derives from its 3-variable waveshape filters. Stack them in mono mode for concocting incredibly thick bass patches and multifaceted leads, or get creative in “chord” mode by crafting unique sounds for each oscillator and playing them paraphonically. Next, you have two filter options for shaping the timbre of the oscillators: the original UNO 2-pole OTA multimode filter, and an SSI 2/4-pole filter based on the classic Dave Rossum-improved ladder filter topology. By using the filters together in series or parallel, you have access to over 24 different filter modes! Plus, with the UNO Synth Pro Desktop’s PWM, oscillator sync, oscillator FM, ring modulation, dual LFOS, and white noise generator, there are inexhaustible ways to generate evocative sounds.

A synth workstation with 64-step sequencer, arpeggiator, FX, and mod matrix

The UNO Synth Pro Desktop’s 64-step sequencer, 10-mode arpeggiator, and deep onboard effects elevate it from a cool little analog synth to a serious sound design workstation. Not only can you sequence notes, but you can also sequence parameter changes, resulting in awesome sonic evolutions and devolutions! The 10-mode arpeggiator is brilliant for creating classic synthwave ostinatos and single-shot harp-like strums. To put the finishing touches on your creation, layer up any of UNO Synth Pro Desktop's effects, such as its true-analog overdrive circuit and numerous digital modulators, delays, and reverbs. If all of that wasn’t enough, the UNO Synth Pro Desktop also has a 16-point mod matrix, which makes it easy to patch up complicated modulation routing with both internal and external sources.


  • Digitally controlled paraphonic analog synthesizer desktop module
  • All-analog signal path with self-tuning oscillators
  • 3 independent analog oscillators with saw, triangle, and pulse waves
  • Oscillator waveforms are continuously variable
  • Osc section also includes pulse-width modulation and white noise generation
  • 2 independent filters: 2-pole OTA multimode filter, and SSI 2/4-pole resonant filter for 24 total filter modes
  • 2 full ADSR envelopes, for both filter and amplitude
  • LFO with saw, square, triangle, sine, random; ring modulator; and white noise generator
  • 40+ parameters at your fingertips, with 4 encoders combined with function buttons
  • Multi-touch 32-note chromatic keyboard
  • Built-in multi-FX, including analog overdrive and digital modulation, delay, and reverbs
  • 10-mode, 4-octave arpeggiator
  • 64-step sequencer with real-time recording and step editing for pitch, CV gate, and mod parameters
  • Audio input for daisy-chaining other synths modules, drum machines, etc.
  • Software editor/librarian for Mac/PC makes it easy to create and save custom sounds
  • Complete MIDI implementation — all parameters and clock can be controlled via external MIDI Balanced stereo outputs, headphone output, USB, MIDI I/O, and CV/gate connections for integrating with digital audio workstations and hardware synthesizers


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