Ik Multimedia Irig Pro I/o | Universal Audio And Midi Interface For Mobile Devic

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USB Audio Interface with 1/4" hi-Z/XLR Input, 1/8" Stereo Output, MIDI I/O, 24-bit/96kHz Sampling, 48V Phantom Power, and Software Download - Mac/PC/iOS/Android

Pocket-sized, Full-featured Audio and MIDI Interface

With IK Multimedia's iRig Pro I/O, you get rack-quality mobile recording and monitoring in real time with any compatible mobile device or portable PA. IK engineered the iRig Pro I/O with 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with a 96kHz sample rate, a 1/4" hi-Z/XLR combo input that easily handles passive and active pickup configurations, MIDI in/out, and an 1/8" stereo headphone out with preamp and level control (making it compatible with even the most recent iOS devices). To top it off, the IK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O has switchable 48-volt phantom power for use with your favorite condenser mics!

24-bit/96kHz sampling for quality digital audio conversion

IK Multimedia is known for sandwiching fully functional A/D and D/A converters into superbly portable devices, so it's no surprise that the iRig Pro I/O features both — capturing 24-bit digital audio at 96kHz and then reconverting your signal into clean, high-quality analog audio. There's no need for outboard rack gear; just plug in, play, and let the iRig Pro I/O work the conversion magic for you. Singer/songwriters love it!

IK Multimedia knows the ins and outs

The iRig Pro I/O gives you all the connectivity you need to record just about any instrument — as well as any device with a line-level output — and then easily monitor the recording. You get a 1/4" hi-Z TRS/XLR Neutrik input, MIDI in and out, and a Lightning/USB output (MIDI, Lightning, and USB cables are included). In addition, the iRig Pro has an 1/8" stereo output, so you can monitor the signal even while using the Lightning port with the latest iOS device. A global gain wheel regulates the input amplitude, and the stereo output has its own preamp and level control wheel for studio-quality on-the-go monitoring.


  • 24-bit/96kHz sampling gives you studio-quality A/D conversion in the field
  • 1/4" hi-Z/XLR Neutrik input, MIDI in/out, and Lightning/USB port provide unequaled connectivity
  • 1/8" stereo output with preamp and level control lets you easily monitor your signal
  • Lightning port can be used with the latest iOS device while monitoring through the 1/8" stereo out
  • 48-volt phantom power means you can use the iRig Pro I/O with any condenser mic
  • Can be powered with batteries or optional 5.4-volt DC power supply, which also charges iOS devices
  • MIDI, Lightning, and USB cables, and 2 AA batteries included
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