Ik Multimedia Amplitube X-time | Delay Pedal

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Multi-effects Delay Pedal with 16 Delay Types, 5 Cabinet Impulse Responses, 3 Footswitches, and MIDI

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With the IK Multimedia X-Time, you can fill your pedalboard with a slew of meticulously modeled delay effects pulled from the company's vault of iconic hardware units. This next-generation DSP-powered guitar pedal arms you with 16 of AmpliTube's most popular delays, including studio-grade tape, reverse, and slapback, in addition to ping-ponging echoes, swells, and many more experimental effects. X-Time sports top-notch hardware with 24-bit/192kHz conversion, a 5Hz–24kHz frequency response, 123dB of dynamic range, and a pure analog dry path with switchable true/soft bypass — all in a rugged metal enclosure. On top of that, you're treated to rock-solid integration with IK Multimedia's AmpliTube software to tweak and save up to 300 custom presets. X-Time is equipped with a user-friendly USB interface, an expression pedal input, and comprehensive MIDI implementation. Plus, with its five built-in cabinet impulse responses, X-Time turns your pedalboard into an all-inclusive grab-and-go rig when placed at the end of your signal chain. Finally, X-Time ships with a free copy of AmpliTube 5 SE, so you're ready to go from studio to stage in an instant!

Loaded with state-of-the-art AmpliTube DSP

Like all of IK Multimedia's X-Gear stompboxes, X-Time packs the company's acclaimed AmpliTube processing into a cutting-edge, pedalboard-ready enclosure. X-Time offers 16 hyper-realistic emulations of real-world modulation devices, putting an array of tried-and-true tape, analog, reverse, slapback, ping-pong, and more delays conveniently at your feet. Beyond that, this pedal's X-Mode supplies you with extra signal-boosting features that are guaranteed to impress.

Top-of-the-line hardware with audiophile-grade specs

IK Multimedia went all-in with regard to the quality of X-Time's hardware. The stompbox's audiophile-grade components include ultra-low-noise, 24-bit/192kHz conversion for leading-edge sound, plus a 5Hz–24kHz frequency response — more than enough to capture your guitar's full sonic range. You also get an impressive 123dB of dynamic range, ensuring that every nuance of your playing is reproduced, from whisper quiet to maximum overdrive. The guitarists appreciate X-Time's pure analog dry path, and its switchable true/soft bypass provides enough control to satisfy top-level players.

Mega-tight integration with AmpliTube software

X-Time comes with a matching plug-in for AmpliTube, enabling you to open a virtual X-Time stomp inside of the software. Thanks to this mega-tight hardware-software integration, you'll be able to tweak your hardware's parameters using AmpliTube's award-winning workflow, then save them as one of up to 300 presets that you can recall directly from the pedal. X-Time includes a free copy of AmpliTube 5 SE to get you up and running.


  • 16 emulations of real-world delay devices culled from IK Multimedia's acclaimed AmpliTube software
  • Puts an array of tape, digital, reverse, swell, slapback, and other delays conveniently at your feet
  • Ultra-low-noise, 24-bit/192kHz conversion gives you leading-edge sound
  • 5Hz–24kHz frequency response captures the full sonic range of your guitar
  • 123dB of dynamic range ensures that every nuance of your playing is reproduced
  • Pure analog dry path with switchable true/soft bypass
  • Inputs and outputs accept both hi-Z and line-level signal
  • Special X-Mode opens an additional signal boosting feature
  • Comes with a matching plug-in that opens inside of AmpliTube software
  • Permits you to tweak the pedal's parameters using AmpliTube's award-winning workflow
  • Save up to 300 user-created presets that you can recall directly from the pedal
  • Built-in USB audio interface for easy recording
  • Guitar-friendly interface with intuitive knobs and easy-to-read LED display
  • Expression pedal input gives you real-time control over your effects
  • Full MIDI implementation offers easy integration with your stage or recording rig
  • 5 cabinet impulse responses for connecting directly to a PA system or recording setup
  • Includes a free copy of AmpliTube 5 SE

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