Electro Voice Nd46 | Supercardioid Large-diaphragm Dynamic Microphone With Internal Shockmount, Locking Pivot Mount, And Memrafl

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Supercardioid Large-diaphragm Dynamic Microphone with Internal Shockmount, Locking Pivot Mount, and Memraflex Grille

The ND46 is a robust, high-performance, large-diaphragm dynamic supercardioid instrument microphone. Designed for capturing a wide of variety instrument sounds, the ND46 capsule is precisely tuned to deliver a lively and balanced sound, as well as excellent isolation from the sound of other nearby instruments, and its unique locking pivoting head makes mic placement easy and precise.

Larger than the ND44 but similar in application, the Electro-Voice ND46 large-diaphragm dynamic mic has a complex voice and extended low range that excels at close-miking guitar amps, bass cabs, strings, and percussion. The round bottom end is great when you need big bass without boominess - like a cajon or cello - while the top end is exceptionally articulate for a dynamic mic to keep transients from getting lost in a mix. A push-to-lock pivot mount makes positioning the ND46 in front of a speaker or on a floor tom a breeze. And side and rear vents give this mic a tight supercardioid pickup pattern to reject room noise - which the engineers find is great for loud stages and untreated recording environments. Finally, an internal shockmount helps to prevent sympathetic vibrations from eating up your headroom.

The Electro-Voice ND series picks up where N/DYM left off

For years, EV's N/DYM series of live and studio dynamic microphones have been a beacon of hope to us low-enders and live-sounders. And now Electro-Voice promises to deliver even better performance with its EV ND collection. This line includes eight new vocal, drum, amp, and instrument mics to cover a wide range of stage and studio needs. Beneath the dent-resistant Memraflex grilles are redesigned large-diaphragm capsules with humbucking coils and internal shockmounts to capture a rich, musical sound with low noise - all on a budget. When you need dependable performance on a workingman's income,sound professionals encourage you to check out Electro-Voice ND microphones.

Electro-Voice ND46 Amp/Instrument Microphone Features:

  • Large-diaphragm dynamic mic with powerful bass and controlled mids
  • Great for guitar/bass amps, rotary speakers, cello, cajon, and floor toms
  • Locking pivot mount helps for precision-miking drums and guitar cabs
  • Offset XLR jack stays out of the way
  • Supercardioid polar pattern rejects room noise - good for loud live bands and home recording
  • Humbucking coil resists EMF noise
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