Boss GA-FC-EX | Foot Controller For Boss Katana Amplifiers

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Če želite imeti roke ves čas na sekiri, vam nožni krmilnik GA-FC omogoča, da ojačevalce Roland in BOSS poganjate s tal. Omogoča tudi razširitev: priključite opcijske izrazne pedale itd.

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The BOSS GA-FC EX Foot Controller offers seriously upgraded control and a streamlined workflow over your standard Katana setup, all with a hands-free operation for easy stage use. This flexible footswitch lets you to instantly switch between all your favorite Katana tonal presets and a quick tap of the Effect switch gives you the power to further customize each specific channel with a variety of different effects. Plus, two dedicated expression pedal jacks provide even great real-time control over your sound — the Exp Pedal 3 mode even allows for a third expression pedal! Running multiple Katanas in your live setup? No problem, the GA-FC EX’s Foot Control 2 mode offers an effortless way to rig up to two amps, and the Expand mode even allows you to add another GA-FC EX/GA-FC footswitch to your rig for even the most complex of setups. Finally, BOSS products are legendary for their sheer durability, so it comes as no surprise that the GA-FC EX sports a rugged metal chassis and heavy-duty switches that can easily withstand the even the roughest stages and tour vans.


  • Footswitch controller for the BOSS Katana Artist MkII, Katana Head MkII, Katana 100 MkII, Katana 100/212 MkII
  • Easily switch between all of your Katana’s tonal presets via the 4 channel switches and the panel switch
  • A quick tap of the Effects switch allows you to fine-tune your individual presets in real time with Boost, modulation, delay, reverb, and more
  • Intuitive operation and clearly visible two-color LEDS for easy status identification
  • 2 dedicated expression pedal jacks, in addition to an additional control jack with 3-way mode selector
  • Exp Pedal 3 mode allows for yet another expression pedal
  • Easily rig up 2 amps with Foot Control 2 mode
  • Add an additional GA-FC EX or GA-FC footswitch with Expand mode
  • Works as a standard GA-FC controller with several other BOSS amplifier models
  • No outside power supply necessary
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