Blackstar Fly3 BT Charge | 1x3-inch 3-watt Rechargeable Combo Amplifier

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3-watt, 2-channel 1x3" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Rechargeable Battery, ISF, MP3/Line In, Bluetooth, Emulated Headphone Out, and Tape Delay

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The Fly 3 Charge from Blackstar enables some seriously versatile and portable playing, thanks to one major improvement that has guitarists around ecstatic: a built-in rechargeable battery! For up to 18 hours at a time, there’s no stopping you and your stressless, on-the-fly shred sessions, which will now be free of limiting power supplies and wasteful, costly single-use batteries. The Fly 3 Charge offers everything you love about the traditional Fly 3, including dual-channel clean/overdrive operation, a 3-inch/3-watt speaker, ISF tone control, a tape delay, an aux jack, and a cab simulation line-out. There’s even Bluetooth connectivity for jamming out with your favorite tracks! It’s also compatible with the separately sold Fly 10e extension cabinet, so you can easily amp things up with 6-watt stereo operation when you need more power.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery enables up to 18 hours of stress-free playing
  • Amplification powered by a single 3-inch, 3-watt speaker
  • 2-channel clean/overdrive operation
  • Onboard ISF tone control tape delay expand the tonal and special effects horizons
  • Aux jack makes plugging in and listening to/playing along with your favorite MP3s a breeze
  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you jam out with songs wirelessly
  • Compatibility with the separately sold Fly 10e extension cabinet
  • USB-C charging cable included!

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