Behringer ST2400nano Eurocom | Ceiling Speaker

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Ultra-compact, full range, high-fidelity ceiling loudspeakers with a 4" concentric driver for distributed music and speech

The ST2400 nano is an ultra-compact, full-range 4” ceiling speaker designed for demanding, low-clearance installation projects such as conference centers, hotels, casinos, and other venues that require rich, full sounding AV playback and precise background and foreground audio.

At BEHRINGER our advanced engineering research and exacting quality control standards make certain that every in-ceiling speaker will deliver years of uncompromised sound quality and faultless performance. The ST Series design aesthetic imparts a soft and unobtrusive profile adding modern style and sophistication to any décor. The ST Series body design provides optimum frequency response and advanced driver protection technology ensures reliable performance under extreme operational conditions.

BEHRINGER’s proprietary concentric drivers deliver exceptionally broad frequency response and ultra-wide dispersion. For the Engineer wide dispersion means a wider coverage area per speaker, increasing speaker spacing or allowing for greater overlap, providing exceptional sound reproduction and outstanding coverage while reducing cost for your client.

Building every in-ceiling speaker with both a Low Impedance drive mode and a multi-tap High Impedance transformer, with dual operation modes, ensures that the ST Series will always be a perfect fit in every application, extending a cost-saving benefit to the Installer by streamlining purchasing with singe SKU ordering, reducing inventory and overhead costs with multi-function units, and reducing time spent on proposals by providing a single unit solution to multiple projects.


Cutting-Edge Engineering
High performance 4” coaxial driver in a ported bass reflex design with a sealed enclosure to ensure optimum low frequency response. Ultra-compact 4” (100mm) depth for limited ceiling space installations.

  • Maximum Coverage and Power
    150° nominal dispersion with a 20 Watt RMS power handling capacity and integral 10-Watt 70/100 V matching transformer.

  • Diverse Functionality
    4-position rotary power select switch offers access to power taps at 70/100 V plus direct 16-Ohm Low Impedance drive mode with a switchable High-Pass filter which allows full range operation or satellite mode when used with subwoofer.

  • Superior Protection
    Built in crossover and driver protection.

  • Unique Aesthetic Design
    Detachable full face powder coated steel grill with foam backing extends to subtle metalized edge trim.

  • Secure Installation
    Injection molded ported plastic bezel and a zinc coated steel back-can with three mounting clamps and extruded plastic guide tubes which deploy to secure the speaker to the ceiling material.

  • Outstanding Safety Ratings
    UL1480 and UL2043 Rated and compliant with all applicable safety codes.

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