Behringer Edge | Semi-modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer

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Analog Semi-modular Percussion Synthesizer with 15 x 10 I/O Patch Matrix, 2 x VCO, 2 x 8-step Sequencer, White/Pink Noise, Envelope Generator, Oscillator Sync, FM, MIDI/USB, MIDI Channel and Voice Priority Selection, and Multimode Filter

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Right on the borderline between synthesizer and drum machine, Behringer’s Edge is a fully analog drum synth that packs the distinctive analog grit and ladder filters of the 1970s with the form factor and streamlined interface tailored for the modern musician. Its dual VCO architecture features PWM and triangle waves, with white/pink noise generation, oscillator sync, and FM, all available for a world of expressive, versatile sonic forces. Synthesists love the multimode 24dB ladder filter, capable of exquisite sound shaping for the perfect, percussive panache. You’ll also find a pair of 8-step sequencers, each with its velocity controls to craft the perfect grooves. Meanwhile, the sequencer tops out at a speed of 10,000 bpm, allowing for audio-range waveform generation and a trio of decay envelopes for uncompromising control. Moreover, the 15 x 10 I/O matrix means the Edge is easily incorporated with almost any setup, accommodating vast, interoperative performance opportunities.


  • All analog architecture means immense, unruly tones
  • Dual VCOs include PWM and triangle waveforms, alongside sync and FM options for unrivaled sonic flexibility
  • Two 8-step sequencers feature dedicated pitch and velocity controls to create unique, dynamic grooves and rhythms
  • White and pink noise options mean unmatched timbral shaping tools
  • Multimode 24dB ladder filter provides rich, sound-sculpting opportunities
  • 3 decay envelopes allow for detailed, versatile sound design
  • 10,000 bpm max sequencer speed means easily achieving audio-range waveforms
  • 15 x 10 I/O matrix accommodates deep interoperative use with any setup
  • MIDI/USB connectivity gives you multiple synchronization options with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
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