Audeze Lcd-2 Classic Closed-back Over-ear Headphones (black)

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The black   Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back   are high-performance planar magnetic headphones offering powerful sonics and effective passive noise isolation for a focused listening experience in the studio or at home. Ideal for tracking, mixing, mastering, and reference-level personal Hi-Fi applications where acoustic room treatment is lacking, the LCD2 Closed-Back headphones separate you from extraneous external sounds without employing active circuitry, microphones, or batteries. They incorporate large, leather-free, contoured memory foam earcups attached to a lightweight suspension headband, yielding an over-ear wearing style that remains consistently comfortable.

The neodymium planar magnetic transducers produce a broad frequency response of 10 Hz to 50 kHz with low distortion, wide dynamics, and fast transient response, making them well suited to detailed-oriented critical listening. The detachable cable is 6.2' long and features mini XLR jacks for connection to the earcups and a 1/4" plug for hookup to your audio interface, headphone amplifier, or mixer. Download and install the free Reveal plug-in on your Mac or Windows computer for convenient DSP presets that provide "room sound" calibration in your DAW.

  • Building on the classic sound of Audeze's LCD-2 open-back headphones, the LCD2 Closed-Back headphones offer the authentic listening experience of Audeze planar magnetic headphones with increased isolation and greatly reduced ambient noise.
  • The LCD2 Closed-Back headphones are designed to deliver ultralow distortion, wide dynamics, and deep, controlled bass for a powerful and accurate sound.
  • Audeze's planar magnetic technology with double-sided magnetic structures and large thin-film diaphragms yields improved dynamics and an extended frequency response.
  • LCD2 Closed-Back headphones utilize a lightweight, spring steel suspension headband, special crystal-infused nylon rings, and leather-free earpads with contoured memory foam for enhanced comfort.
  • LCD2 Closed-Back headphones are supported by Audeze's free Reveal plug-in, which applies carefully designed, model-specific filter presets to provide the listener with an experience similar to what you would hear from high-quality studio reference monitors in an acoustically treated room (minus the room reflections and reverb). Reveal is compatible with Mac and Windows systems, and comes in AAX, Audio Units, and VST plug-in formats.

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