Antelope Audio Zen Tour | Thunderbolt And Usb Portable Audio Interface

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The Antelope Audio Zen Tour USB/Thunderbolt Audio Interface is a lightweight and portable table-top interface of outstanding quality and featuring an impressive number of analog & digital inputs/outputs alongside integrated hardware-based FPGA effects. Despite its small size the Zen Tour has 4 Mic/Line inputs and 4 Line/Hi-Z inputs, 2 Re-Amp outs, 2 headphone sockets and an array of digital I/Os. Shipping with the unit are hardware-based custom FPGA FX enabling amp modelling guitar manipulation and professional level effects processing. An advanced remote app allows connectivity to a tablet or computer, which can then be used to access the Zen Tour for complete networking control. Being a Thunderbolt/USB device also means that latency between the Zen Tour and whatever interface you are recording to will be almost invisible. Parallel Processing is integrated by the powerful FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) taken directly from Antelope Audio’s top-selling professional studio devices. This technology coupled with the integrated hardware-software of the unit is what makes the latency such a non-issue. Essentially this is professional studio-level recording technology but reduced to the size of an entry-level 2-Channel audio interface – which the Zen Tour most definitely is not. There is also no need to worry about picking up a large and expensive suite of realistic sounding plugins and dynamic processors – everything needed to mix and master is provided by the included software. In any case, the Zen Tour is compatible with any DAW so will blend seamlessly into your current workflow.

The main features of the Antelope Audio Zen Tour USB/Thunderbolt Audio Interface include:

  • Fully-Integrated Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface and FPGA DSP Effects Unit
  • 64bit Acoustically Focused Clocking
  • Internal Mic Talk-Back Function
  • 4 x Switchable Mic/Line Inputs
  • 4 x Line/Hi-Z Inputs
  • 8 x Analog Outputs (Digital I/O on ADAT & S/PDIF)
  • 2 x Reamp Outputs
  • 2 x Independent Headphone Outputs
  • 2 x Pairs of Mastering-Level Monitor Outputs
  • Network Enabled Touch Screen Interface
  • Free Guitar Amp Modelling & Real-Time Vintage Effects
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