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ADAM Classic Mk 3 Series

It is not that common to meet professional-grade, audiophile speakers with such a warm, homely and almost childish name like the Adam Pencil. Nevertheless, the overall characteristics and inner technology transform the Pencil into a very serious piece of gear, by no means a thing to toy with.

The Adam Pencil is a tall, towering speaker which has been designed for floor placement. Regardless of whether you'll place multiple Adam Pencils across your room in a surround array or simply have two of them, each flanking your home stereo or TV/multimedia set, the sonic experience they'll give you will be overwhelming.

The Adam Pencil sports a two 7-inch woofer vertical array. Both bass drivers are built with Adam's proprietary HexaCone technology, which ensures enhanced stiffness and overall strength for the cones, while producing a very well-definite bass sound.

The wooden cabinet of the Adam Pencil adds warmth and pleasant mildness to the low frequencies and the bass reflex port makes sure the air flow is in perfect parameters.

The upper part of the Adam Pencil loudspeakers houses the ART ribbon tweeter. ART stands for Accelerated Ribbon Technology and is the Adam's way to do things: a ribbon tweeter that work up to 4 times more efficiently than common coil-driven HF drivers and which allows for a far higher air pressure translated in higher frequencies (up to 35kHz), substantial transients and more power.

ADAM Classic Series Mk 3 loudspeakers are now available and feature all new cabinets and driver upgrades. The first Classic Series became well known for being adaptable to all room sizes, having the possibility of using these speakers in both stereo and multi-channel applications, and the option of either active or passive versions. Now, the models of the Classic series profit from the technological improvements and the new materials of the high-end TENSOR Series. In outward appearance the Mk3 versions present a new, very attractive look. Pictures will be available soon. But the improvements also include all aspects relevant to the quality of sound reproduction. The ADAM proprietary ART transducers, already a legend in professional studios, give way to their successors, the new X-ART transducers, which show an extended (‘X’) frequency response and a higher efficiency. Also, the lower midrange drivers and woofers match the ones of the TENSOR Series. The floor standing models are equipped with new baseplates and spikes to improve the decoupling from the floor. Classic Mk 3 Series is available in passive or fully active versions and a range of finishes including Piano Gloss Black, Cherry and Walnut wood veneer.

Models include:
Compact: Small bookshelf speaker with big performance. You will not believe the sound that comes out of this small loudspeaker. Shown top second from right.
Pencil: Slim floorstanding loudspeaker that performs way above it's price point and is unobtrusive. Shown top second from left.
Column: Larger version of Pencil but featuring the X-ART midrange driver from the Tensor Series makes this loudspeaker the smart choice for someone looking for Tensor like performance at a lower cost. Shown top left.
Center: Same drivers as Pencil but in a smaller enclosure for Home Theatre use. Shown in the middle above.
SW260: Subwoofer with compact dimensions to fit into any space. Shown above right.