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Najboljše v svetu profesionalnih analognih mešalnih miz - to je GL serija. Pripravljena na najnovejše tehnike ozvočevanja v živo, s svojo robustnostjo in vzdržljivostjo zagotavlja vrhunsko kvaliteto in dolgo življenjsko dobo. - 16, 24, 32 ali 40 kanalna izvedba - 4 združevalni kanali (groups) s panoramsko kontrolo - 6 x AUX send (pre/post fader) - 2 stereo vhoda (mic/'dual' stereo line) - 7 x 4 matrika - direktni izhodi - 4 pasovni EQ (2 x sweep) - Hipass filter @ 100 Hz na posameznem kanalu - 48V fantomsko napajanje na posameznih kanalih - +34dBu predojačevalniki - 'talkback' mikrofon - 1 kHz oscilator in generator šuma - 100 mm drsniki, zaščiteni pred prahom - pozlačeni priključki - Sys-Link 2 izhod za povezavo z Allen & Heath združljivimi mešalnimi mizami

The Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Live Console Mixer enhances PA systems with its dual-function 24-channels loaded to the teeth with features you need for all kind of live audio mixing applications. The GL2400-24 mixer offers 4 group, 6 aux, and LR mixes, enhanced 7x4 matrix, multi-source stereo channels, and aux-fed subs capability.

Dual Functionality: When mixing Front-of-House, the monitors can be set pre-insert as well as pre-EQ to prevent your house mix EQ and compression affecting the stage mix. Per channel the 24-channel mixer's aux switching means you can mix pre-fade with post-fade sends such as theatre radio mics and sound effects. As a monitor console, the aux masters have faders, inserts, mutes, meters and balanced XLR drive. You even get a fader controlled engineer' wedge feed. The Groups and LR mixes are still available to create yet more sends. In monitor mode the GL2400 audio mixer can provide up to 10 mixes, for example 6 wedge and 2 stereo IEM.

Performance: Allen & Heath's mic preamp has an extended 74dB gain range with massive headroom able to deal with the widest range of signals right up to +34dBu. From a low-noise mix amp through responsive 4-band EQ to the differential balanced +26dBu outputs, every stage has been carefully designed to ensure optimum gain structure and the best sonic performance possible.

Third Fader: There are 3 master faders on the Allen & Heath GL2400 Mixer. A configurable M fader lets you create an LR sum mono fill, an engineers monitor wedge feed, or a dedicated center or sub-bass speaker mix from Aux 6 which means you can dial in exactly what you need from each channel. L, R ,and M each provide a dedicated meter, mute, AFL, and balanced XLR output.

7x4 Matrix: The mixing console's matrix is a big feature for corporate AV work, specialized recording and broadcast feeds, and personal monitoring. Smart auto-switching of the external inputs lets you add a common mono, stereo, or independent sources to the matrix. Cross patch from the stereo channel mic breakpoints add room ambiance to your recording and IEM feeds.

Dual Stereo Channels: These 2 multi-function channels provide a mic and 2 stereo line inputs each. Use the channels on this Live Console Mixer as mic inputs while the 4 stereos are independently routed to LR, or combine stereo sources such as backing tracks and reverbs while the mics are patched elsewhere. Or use conventional stereo channels while the second inputs provide additional returns and the mics patch into the matrix for ambiance.

Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Live Console Mixer Features:

  • 24-channel frame
  • LR and M main outputs
  • 4 audio groups with pan control
  • 6 auxiliary sends with per-channel pre/post fader switching
  • 2 stereo channels each with mic and dual stereo line inputs
  • 7x4 Matrix
  • Proper dual functionality for front-of-house and/or monitor mixing
  • M can be configured as LR sum, wedge, or aux-fed sub or C master
  • Recording capable with channel direct outputs
  • Matrix external inputs with level trims and common input capability
  • Stereo channel line inputs can be independently routed to LR
  • Stereo channel mic input breakpoints for cross patching into matrix
  • Responsive 4-band, 2-sweep EQ
  • 100Hz channel high pass filters
  • Individual phantom power and polarity switching
  • Dedicated channel, master and stereo monitor meters
  • Internal jumper plugs for pre/post-EQ aux, direct out and other options
  • Mutes, meters and AFL on all fader masters
  • Assignable talkback
  • 1kHz oscillator and pink noise generator
  • 2-track monitoring and replay to LR
  • Headphones and local monitor outputs
  • Electronically balanced XLR outputs with +26dBu drive capability
  • Preamp +34dBu maximum input capability for mic or line
  • Ultra low-noise mix head amp design
  • Internal power supply with MPS12 backup supply input
  • 100mm dust protected faders
  • Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots and switches
  • Individual circuit card assembly with nutted pots
  • Solid copper bus bar grounding
  • Sys-Link V2 console linking option
  • 4-pin XLR lamp sockets

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